Did you know…

I have a tab on my website dedicated solely to podcasts on which I’ve been interviewed?


It’s pretty exciting for me when I think about it.

At this point I have 16 interviews under my belt and, boy, am I looking forward to the next 16!! (And the next 16 after that.)

Looking back, I feel sort of silly to admit just how anxious I was before being interviewed for the first time. (Seriously, my stomach hurt.) I was really, really nervous. But I didn’t let a case of nerves stop me.

Plus, I knew the podcaster and he made me feel comfortable.

In fact, he made the whole experience fun.

The interviewer’s name is Tyler Sheff and he’s one of the Cash Flow Guys. (That’s also the name of his podcast.) If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this episode or if it’s been a while, here’s your chance. Just click the image below:


In this episode I talk about how I got into long-distance investing while working as a corporate soldier… just as I continue to do today.

If you’re in a corporate job, you can be an investor, too. Maybe one day you’ll walk away from the job because your passive income exceeds what you earn in your job. Maybe not.

If you listen to my interview with the Cash Flow Guys, you’ll learn that you can do what I have done. In fact, I would tell you to keep the day job until you feel comfortable in giving your notice. You aren’t rushing to some invisible finish line and you aren’t competing with anyone but yourself.

I take that concept further in more recent interviews. For example, give this one a listen:


In this interview the host, Belinda Ellsworth, leads me through a series of questions about “working from my happy place,” which is what real estate investing needs to be. If you’re not happy doing it, why do it? For me, it completes the circle in my life; it makes me happy.

Understand a few things about me. For instance, I love my day job; I’m good at what I do Monday through Friday and I am well compensated for my time. But I love my wife and kids more, so it’s a very happy place when I get to spend weekends and holidays away with them.

Without real estate investing in my life, I may not have the additional funds needed to make great memories away from home. But, believe me, I’d still be spending as much time possible with my family while we’re all young enough to really enjoy fun activities together, like skiing and hiking.

You know one thing I really, really like about my job? The company gives me plenty of time off here in Barcelona. (That’s not something that typically happens in the States, but it happens here. It is a part of the culture to give workers time off to de-stress and enjoy life.)

That brings me to the topic of being in control of one’s time, which is something I talk a lot about in this podcast interview:


Of course I talk about more than just controlling my time in this episode of the Join Up Dots podcast, like getting over self-doubt and other things we entrepreneurs battle daily. If you haven’t listened yet, I hope you will.

Give me feedback, too, if you could. (I love to hear what I could do better in my interviews. Your input helps me!)

I could give you more links to all the podcast interviews I’ve done over the past few months. (I’m not sure it’s even been a year!) Instead, let me send you to the spot where you can listen to the interviews you’re most interested in.

While each includes a conversation around long-distance investing and how I buy rental properties in the U.S. to earn cashflow yet live and work in Barcelona, I touch on lots of different topics of interest to entrepreneurs and corporation soldiers alike.

Put your ear buds in and have the interviews playing in the background as you work! It is my greatest hope that they inspire you to take action, whether that’s as an active investor or a passive investor. God knows, without passive investors investing in my opportunities, it would be almost impossible to get to my goal of 300 units by the end of 2019!!

Here’s the link to my interviews, which I sincerely hope you enjoy and learn from: