It doesn’t matter if you’re online or at an event, a lot of times people will ask you to leave a comment or ask a question. But why do they keep doing that? Well, I’m here to share the top three reasons why I like to see your comments and answer your.

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But let’s get back to the topic at hand. Did you notice how I asked you to leave a comment or a question? In the beginning, I didn’t understand why people did this. Now, we have a tribe that’s growing every single day, and there’s a couple reasons why I ask that you do this. The first reason is because I may have the knowledge or experience you’re lacking. If there’s a question I can answer, whether it’s about sales, long-distance investing, multifamily real estate, etc., you’ll be able to gain some new information and hopefully put it into practice. If you feel blocked and stuck, I want to help you take action and move forward. When I was getting started, I took advantage of this same system and asked a ton of questions and left plenty of comments. If the group was too big, sometimes my question would be overlooked. I was just another number. But we’re a tight knit community here, so there’s a much greater chance your question will be answered.
The second reason why I ask you to leave questions and comments is because you’re actually helping me, as well as the community. Even if you’re leaving a criticism, it means I may be able to learn something. As long as it’s constructive, I’ll take it on board. And if it’s positive, I’ll continue doing more of that. Even more importantly, you’re engaging with other people. Your participation helps the tribe grow because you’re helping to create an environment where others also want to participate. Have you ever seen the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? When someone asks a question and no one responds (“Bueller? Bueller?”), it’s not very motivating. But when you see other members of the community asking questions and getting responses, it helps foster this idea of engagement, which is fantastic for any tribe.

Your participation helps the tribe grow because you’re helping to create an environment where others also want to participate.  – Tweet  

Lastly, when you ask a question or leave a comment, chances are there’s somebody else who had the same question. Maybe they were too nervous to ask it or they didn’t have enough time to post something themselves. If they see you engaging with other people, it might motivate them to do the same thing. If you’re asking the sort of question they would’ve asked, you’re helping them gain the knowledge they were searching for and saving them time in the process.
Like I said above, there’s a reason why people ask you to leave your questions and comments for them. There are countless reasons, but these are the top three. It helps you gain new knowledge, it helps grow our community, and it helps others who may be wondering the same thing. And it wouldn’t be true to form if I didn’t ask you again, right? I want to know what you think about these reasons. Do they resonate with you? Leave your thoughts below! I’m interested in continuing this sort of participation and encouraging more engagement within the community so we can keep growing and helping each other.

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