Ever feel like there’s a clock over your head?

That’s something I’d never really thought about till I was speaking with a friend who told me that as she moved through her life that it felt like she was playing Beat the Clock.

In her case, she had not built a nest egg early in life or really until her middle years. Then went through a divorce. So that money was gone. She had to start over.

The good news is that she is using real estate investing as the vehicle to get her to her financial goals so she doesn’t have to keep working, working, working.

This conversation and others I’ve been having with friends and associates young and old got me to thinking. What is it we all should be doing to help us achieve a more stress-free retirement?

Here’s what I believe we should do:

  1. Get started as soon as possible – Why wait until the kids are through college or after you have a primary residence or after whatever we come up with as an excuse for not putting money away for retirement? Why wait to use real estate investing strategies when those are the only way I know of to truly achieve financial freedom? The more time you have to apply various strategies in real estate investing to create a much bigger nest egg for retirement the better. Start early in your life!! Don’t wait till you’re in your 50s when there is no rule that says you have to put off that long!
  2. Gather great advisors to help you create a great plan – No one gets to their goals alone. While you might do all the work and wear all the hats, that doesn’t mean you don’t need mentors and cheerleaders along the way. Surround yourself with likeminded individuals who are also interested in achieving financial freedom and who know about real estate investing. But don’t stop there. Study, research and learn the various ways to use real estate as a vehicle to get you to a more stress free retirement. Real estate investing can give you the passive income you need to live a good quality of life in retirement, to travel, to not worry about how you’ll pay bills or that you’ll outlive your money.
  3. Take action – This is the most important thing to do to get you to your goals. Lots of people think about doing something, they think about investing in real estate to get passive income to put into their retirement savings, they think about the steps they want to take. BUT THEY DO NOTHING. (That’s a shame.) Anyone can sit around pondering the possibilities. You have to take action steps. And then more action steps.


If you’ve been reading my recent article, you already know that I’ve done a quick video about this topic. Give it your attention for a couple of minutes:

My life keeps getting better and better because of my investing activities!

I want you to experience the same excitement about life as I do.

Every day I wake thinking, alright! It’s a beautiful day and I’m one step closer to my own retirement goals. I’m creating the passive income I need to live well late into life. I can take care of my family, I can put my kids through college, and I can travel and see the world.

The alternative is to work, work, work in my corporate job until retirement and then hope I have enough money in my retirement account to live on.

The difference in my mindset before I started investing in real estate and now when I’m actively negotiating on a big apartment building is amazing. My mindset has shifted from that of a corporate guy to that of an entrepreneur.

Today, I know I am the maker of my own future. I am not beholden to a company, a boss or my retirement account. I am taking action and I continue to research different strategies in real estate as well as different markets in the U.S. in which to invest.

I plan to keep living in Barcelona because I love it here; I plan to keep investing in the U.S. because it just makes a whole lot of sense! If you haven’t read the reasons why, here’s an article you should read:

12 Reasons to Invest in Charlotte, North Carolina

This article talks specifically about North Carolina, but the fact is I’m looking at other equally appealing markets in the U.S. That’s something I will never stop doing.

As an investor, I know how important keeping on the forefront of trends and market information is to my success. I also know how important it is to talk to people… lots of people… and share information about what I’m doing and why.

I’d love to chat with you about your goals and how I might be of service. Maybe we’ll end up working together in some capacity or maybe you’ll just walk away with answers. I’ll be your mentor!

If that sounds like something you would like to do, here’s a special invite-only link.

You can also check out my latest podcasts and collaborations here keeponcashflow.com/podcasts/