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Okay… this article will give you a glimpse in the day in the life of…

First, let me just say right here and now, it’s been a tough week in Barcelona with all the politics going on. If you don’t know what’s happening where I live, you need to keep an eye on CNN. This has nothing to do with me, but it affects my family and me.

You want to learn more about this, check out my recent video. You can hear the noise of low-flying helicopter overhead:

Second, I was on the road three out of three days this past week… on a plane heading to destinations for my 9-to-5 job, managing the corporate side of life. Yes, I get really tired of all the travel days, plane trips, riding in rental cars and taxis and of all the hotels. If I was living my dream entirely, I wouldn’t mind the travel, because I’d be going to Charlotte, North Carolina, a whole lot more!

When I’m gone from home, which is far too often, I miss my family a lot.  – Tweet   My boys are growing fast. I want to be there, so I have vowed to work even harder on my real estate portfolio!

Third, I just found out there may be about $25,000 in damage to one of my properties in the U.S. that needs to be addressed. Of course, before I pay that I’m going to get a number of other bids. It seems a bit high to me for the “damage” we’re talking about. (Nothing like a good ol’ state inspection to get your stomach churning!)

Fourth, I’m working to close the mobile home park deal. I’m in the middle of my due diligence with that, and the good news is I’m getting closer to the final steps. I posted a pic on my personal Facebook page:

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So how do you keep going through tough times?

How does that old song go?

“I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden…”

Truly,  life isn’t always a bed of roses.  – Tweet   So how do you keep going when things get tough and you have to get beyond challenges? Here’s a few things I do and you should, too:

  1. Surround yourself with supportive people who will push you. No matter what you do, if you are surrounded by people who will talk you off the ledge, so to speak, and give you the push you need to keep going after your dreams, well, those are great people. They have your back! If they tell you it’s okay to quit, that’s not good. Because it’s not okay to quit on your dream.  You must focus on your goals.  – Tweet   Period. Accountability partners are great!
  2. Keep learning! It’s really important to maintain your hunger to learn more and more about the topics that will help you move closer to attaining your goals. For example, if I want to grow my portfolio so I can keep my investors happy and get me out of the 9-to-5, well, I need to get the next big deal closed and then the next. This means I get to keep reading, asking questions of those who came before me and I keep learning.
  3. Take action… even when things become challenging. No kidding, there will be more times when you’re doing bigger deals than not. That doesn’t mean you get to quit.  You have to up your game!  – Tweet   I promise you’ll get tired, especially if you’re working a day job while working on your real estate or entrepreneurial dreams. But you will keep going… or you will stagnate. You’ll be in the same place next year at this time as you are right now. If you don’t want that to happen, guess what? Get going!! Keep going.
  4. Gather a team.  No one gets to any goals alone.  – Tweet   I’ve written extensively on this topic before. Instead of repeating myself, I’ll give you a link instead. Go here and read an article on team-building:

I guess the challenges or, worse yet, the fear of challenges is what keeps people from becoming a real estate investor and/or entrepreneur. Hey, things DO get tough some days, but you can’t let challenges stop you.

Could you imagine a runner who comes up to a hurdle deciding to just stop right there. He sees all the other hurdles in his path and knows he has to jump them. But instead of moving forward he just stops, drops his head and walks away.

NO… that’s not right.

Instead, the runner jumps the first hurdle and mentally prepares for the next, then the next, and so on. He may knock a couple of them down or he may not win the race each and every time.  But he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t stop trying.  – Tweet  


Then the runner puts in more practice time until his skills improve and he gets over every hurdle. He doesn’t do it alone. He has a coach. He doesn’t get to the finish line magically. It takes plenty of hard work and effort.

Sometimes I’m sure the runner feels like hanging up his running shoes, but then talks to his supportive friends and associates who tell him to get back on the track.

My point is that you need to BE LIKE THE RUNNER!! The finish line isn’t far off.

I hope this article helps you get back on track and stay on track with your goals and vision. If you need an extra kick in the you-know-what, connect with me on Facebook. We have excellent, educational and highly motivating conversations on my page. Why not join in?

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