So, you’re feeling stuck? You really can’t move your mindset? You’re having a difficult time? Well, in this video, I want to talk to you about four ways you can actually work on transforming your mindset.

Hey there, it’s Billy with KeePon Cashflow. I’m back once again to help share tips and strategies that are going to help you make more money. They’re going to also help you have more control over your free time and ultimately live with less stress. So, if it’s your first time here, why don’t you do yourself a favor and subscribe to the channel. You’ll want to make sure you also stick around to the very end because you’re going to get a chance to share your comments and also check out any of the cool links that we have in the video below.


But as for today, I want to come back to this whole thing about your state of mind because I keep finding that it’s difficult for you to be able to change and transform your mindset. I want to share four tips that I think are going to help you get on track. Specifically, they’ll help you get out there and make more money or have more control over your free time. Ultimately, you’ll be living with less stress.

However, many of the things that hold us back start between our ears, so we need to be able to change our mindset. I recently went back to the States to a real estate investment seminar, and one of the things we talked about in the seminar was mindset.

While I was having some coffee and talking to people, we got into a couple of different discussions that made me sit down and think, wow, you know what? I want to share this with my tribe. I want to come back and share this with you. And so that’s exactly what we’re going to do today.

I think a lot about where I come from, right? I’m a guy who comes from a middle-class family, and I’m probably a lot like you. Neither one of my parents had a chance to go to or finish college. They always told me, “Billy, make sure you study real hard, get really good grades and get a good job! Make sure that you work the hours, climb the corporate ladder, and succeed.”

They’d continue by saying, “If you’re lucky enough to have any extra money, make sure you put it in the bank and save it. Save the maximum amount you can. And then, when you can, buy a house.” I always grew up renting. My parents always rented, so their major goal was to buy a house. “That’s going to be the biggest and best investment you’re ever going to make,” they would tell me. And probably my all time favor as, …”don’t forget that if you have any extra money and you invest, make sure you invest in a diversified portfolio of stock, okay?”

And so, if any of that stuff resonates with you, I want to help you to recognize that that’s where you were, but also help you move and elevate your thinking so you can ultimately change and transform your mindset. The first lesson I took away from Robert Kiyosaki’s books Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Cashflow Quadrant was thinking about the way we are earning money. He breaks the world down into four different ways you can earn money. He talks about the employee and the sole proprietor, on the left side, who are constantly trading time for money. And then he talks about the business owner or the person that controls and owns the system, as well as the investor, that live on the right side of the quadrant.


How do they make sure their money always brings back more money? First of all, you must really think about how you’re earning money because when you earn money the right way, maybe you can create less, but actually bring home more and put it in your pocket, right? Is your money something that’s earned income? Is it portfolio income? Or is it passive income? And I know I’ve talked about that in another video. Another thing that has been brought to my attention recently, and another way you can transform your mindset, is to love your job.

When you are creating Plan B, stay focused on working in something you absolutely are passionate about. You’re going to be spending a lot of time doing it, whether that’s in your day job, if you’re fortunate like me, or if it’s just a hobby. But do something you’re passionate about because, ultimately, you’re going to be spending a lot of time and a lot of energy there. When you do that, it will allow you to work on something forever. This whole notion of retirement kind of goes away. I think I’m going to be working on real estate and building my business and teams for the rest of my life because it’s something I really, really love.

If you’re going to a job you may not like, then in the evenings rather than watching TV or playing video games or going out to have a drink with the friends all the time, spend some time doing something you actually love, deepening your knowledge. You can then go out and ultimately help other people. But you’ll be passionate about that and that will help you, so it won’t feel like work.

The other thing is, when you’re in investing, invest in assets that are creating cashflow. Create consistent cashflow. Invest in things that are not capital gains, meaning you buy low and hope it increases and you sell high, or you do the opposite with some sophisticated kind of financial vehicles. Just be sure to invest in things that are going to produce cash because if they’re producing cash, then you can use that money constantly. When you have more money, it will give you some freedom to be able to do more of the things you want to do and ultimately live with less stress. This all comes back full circle.

The fourth tip is to have an abundance mindset. And it’s really about saying, well, if you know things, share it with other people. If you have time, share it with other people. If you are able to help someone financially, help someone else, right? It doesn’t mean get taken advantage of, but go out and actually help others where you can. The more and more I give my time, energy, and finances to other people, the more I realize it comes back tenfold. It may not be easy and you may not get it right overnight because it’s been 30 or 40 years of being taught something the complete opposite.

I want you to be able to ultimately transform your mindset. I wanted to share those four things with you because I think they’re going to be helpful. Number one is kind of thinking about how when you’re thinking about changing your mindset, it’s part of also how you’re earning some of your income. It can really help, going from just working in a business to potentially investing in other things. It’ll lead to working on things you’re actually passionate about. And if that’s not during the day, then find time outside of your job where you can work on something you’re passionate about. It’ll help you get more drive and motivation. Invest in things that are creating cashflow. And then, ultimately, working on creating that abundance mindset.

By being able to live in Europe and invest back in the United States, it’s helped me a lot in terms of not only being able to make more money and have more control over my free time, but it’s also helped me live with less stress. I can come here and talk to you about the things that I talk about. And a lot of you’ve asked me, how do you do it?


And so, I wanted to make that roadmap readily available to you as well. I’ve written an eBook. You can pick it up for FREE by clicking here. You can find out exactly how I have done what I have been doing. And I’d love to get your comments on this transformation of mindset and/or the eBook. So, go ahead and leave your comments below. I’d love to hear what they’re all about. And I will look forward to being in touch with you very, very soon. So, this is Billy Keels. That’s my two cents for today. And as always, hasta la próxima!

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