Hey, they aren’t hiding…

Who am I talking about?

Investors who are more than happy to invest in your deals… to back all your deals. And I’m not just talking about this being a one-time thing. Often, if they enjoy their first experience with you, they’ll be back to participate with you again!

That’s the exciting part for me. I get to help lots of different people reach their investment goals. They may not want to be active in the investment process, for example, buying and managing rental properties. But they still want returns.

If that’s the case, they will let you use their money in your deals. You are the active investor and they participate in a passive sense, letting you borrow their money for agreed returns in the form of interest.

But that’s not the focus of this article. The focus is WHERE I find these investors.

Watch this very quick video and learn about five places where you can meet investors who will back your deals in real estate (or anything else you may be working on):

So, where do you find these “magical” investors?

Literally, what I do is head out into my neighborhood and talk to strangers. These strangers turn into acquaintances who then just might turn out to be people who fund my deals. It’s not something that happens overnight; you must build relationships and trust before someone is going to let you use their money, but first things first…  where do you find these helpful individuals?  – Tweet  

Everywhere is the short answer! But if you want to know about five places where you can find investor-backers, here’s my short list:

Clubs and Associations

Do you belong to any real estate investing-related groups? Or entrepreneurial groups? Or literally ANY professional group where you get together in the flesh to talk about the things you all enjoy doing? It could even be a hobby club.

Think about it. Some hobbies cost a good deal of money, for example, car clubs and drone-flying clubs, horse-lover groups and groups that have to do with design. Now think about what you like to do as a hobby. If you’re not involved in a group of likeminded individuals, start right away. Jump on eventbrite.com and see what you can find in your area.

That goes for professional gatherings, clubs, groups and professional associations and organizations, all of which offer massive networking opportunities! Nothing beats talking to people face to face, shaking hands and getting to know each other’s goals.  Once you share your vision, you’ll find investors.  – Tweet  

Transit Hubs

Trains, planes and automobiles make up a great part of my daily life. I’m always flying and getting to places once I land. I’ve met some amazing individuals in my journeys and during my business trips!! I strike up conversations with these people and ultimately the conversation comes to an exchange of what we do for a living and what that means.

For me, I get to talk about my two lives. But the one that other people are most interested in is my real estate investing life. That’s great, because I enjoy sharing with them what I’m doing and where I’m going on that side. Then I ask them if they ever thought about getting involved in real estate investing. That’s something I learned from a former mentor. It works well, because typically people are interested and have participated or haven’t.  They have their reasons, which they’ll share with you. The conversation leads to a point where you exchange information with those interested in learning more.  – Tweet   The follow up is critical. Set a meeting if you can on the spot!

Sporting Events

This one’s a no-brainer. You have an auditorium full of strangers to chat with who may end up being your next investor-backer. It’s the same conversation you’ll have as in the previous example, but this time with a sports-appreciation or team-appreciation spin. Plus, it’s fun. There are sports I love to watch and games I’ll always attend. Maybe you’re a sports fan. Attend the game, but let it be more than play time.  As a real estate entrepreneur, you are always going to have a mindset of business first. You can’t afford not to.  – Tweet  

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Everyone likes to eat out and meet people, right? Well, I do anyway. You’ll have the same conversation as provided above, but maybe it will take place conveniently in line while waiting on your turn buying an espresso or cappuccino! These are popular drinks where I live. (And we have some amazing coffee houses!!)

Maybe it’s just a big cup of hot Joe for you. It doesn’t matter. If you are standing in line with strangers at the coffee shop or in a restaurant as you wait for your table to open up, it’s good to converse with strangers. Make new friends. Believe me, it works!!

Art Galleries and Museums

This one may sound a bit odd to you, but those who appreciate art galleries and museums may also appreciate a higher-income lifestyle. They likely understand and participate in investing. They may even be in the gallery to purchase a high-dollar piece of original art. Excellent! This is the exact type of person who may want to passively participate in your real estate transactions. It all starts with a conversation and an invitation to chat further. Be bold. Set a meeting right then and there.

This is just five places off the top of my head. But really… there are more like 30+ places I can think of!!

If this type of information interests you, I’d love to take this conversation further. I am always looking for ways to help my readers. If you want to learn to do what I do… great! I welcome you to learn from me.

If you like the idea of participating in real estate investing, but you don’t want to do the work, we should definitely talk. I’m always looking to work with people who have an understanding of multifamily rental properties. While you can find a lot of great information here on the site about that topic, nothing beats getting direct answers from someone who does deals in this space a lot.

You can always go to the top of this page and hit the Contact Us button. I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Or now, I leave you with a question…

Of the five places I just shared with you in this article, which would be the easiest for you to go to strike up conversations with potential investors? Use the link below to email me your response:


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