“Billy Keels always knew about the importance of having diverse income streams, but it took a few knocks for him to recognize the power that lies in real estate investing. Billy’s colorful life experiences led him to settle down in the South of France. However, his real estate investments are situated in his home country, the United States. Billy talks us through the dynamics of investing across the ocean, and how he has made a success of this endeavor while still maintaining a full-time day job that he loves.

After managing everything on his own for a while, Billy realized the value in finding strong team members whose values align with one’s own (just like you would in a marriage partner!), and he explains the process that he goes through to find those people. There are numerous real estate markets that have investment potential, and Billy stresses how important it is to make your goals clear before making a decision about where you are going to put your hard-earned cash. Not every deal is going to be a home run, but don’t let that stop you from taking action and always continuing to move forward.”





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