“Billy Keels is on a mission to help those high-wage earners and/or retirees that have been forgotten about by so many in society.

He’s determined to help you feel comfortable and confident going against conventional wisdom by being okay with investing in real assets and doing that beyond your backyard!

As a long-distance real asset investor, Billy is utilizing the skills that he’s developed over the last 23 years as a happy, successful corporate employee at some of the world’s largest market-leading IT multinational companies to become an entrepreneur. As part of his journey, he’s hyper-focused on consistently helping you to create new alternatives for your life so that you can be also happy about going into your job (or not)!

As he builds his family of investors and students he’s determined to help each one of them enjoy each and every moment doing the things that they lovemost…No more looking at mobile phones during family outings to see which ’emergency’ you have to respond to, no more sitting in meetings where you feel like you’re wasting your time, no more early morning flights because your boss ‘recommends’ that you be there and no more missing your child’s special events because you’re staying overnight in a hotel eating room service.

With a desire to add as much value to each interaction that he has, the 20+ years of travel throughout some 86 countries, working with multiple global currencies, his ability to fluently speak 5 languages, and his passion for living and working across cultures are just some of the qualities that make Billy unique in his ability to serve each and every person that he comes into contact with.”




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