Before becoming a real estate entrepreneur, KeePon Cashflow’s founder Billy Keels worked in the corporate world. In fact, he was one of the best “corporate soldiers” you’d ever want to meet.

During his corporate career Billy put his leadership and relationship-building skills to good use to help clients get to the root of issues that were holding them back from full success. Billy earned his stripes as a true problem-solver, a skill he carried into his new entrepreneurial life.

What made him popular with employers who sent him across the globe to meet with Fortune 500-level clients is the same thing that makes him popular with investors, buyers and sellers in real estate today… his skills in coming up with real solutions that work in the real world for real people!

Billy says that he was happy enough in his J.O.B., but something was missing. An emptiness and longing for a different life chewed on him, pulling him to what he knew he wanted to do more than anything else. Billy wanted to be an entrepreneur who brought two worlds together. He wanted to give individuals where he lives the chance to invest in properties on U.S. soil.

So he took steps and kept on the path to his goals. KeePon Cashflow is the result of his efforts.

Today Billy is an international real estate entrepreneur, problem-solver, author, coach and mentor. He sees opportunities where others often don’t in real estate.

No “overnight success,” Billy continues to work toward his vision and goals. Topmost on his list? Building a bridge between investors and buyers in Europe with sellers in the U.S.

What if I didn’t have to do this 9-to-5 thing any longer? What could my life be then? How would it be to spend more time with my wife and kids?

Every entrepreneur experiences that moment when he knows beyond a doubt that he wants something different… something more.

For Billy that moment came one morning as he was getting ready for yet another day at work. He knew what was coming… and he didn’t look forward to the process.

Just like the day before, he looked at the clock. It blinked 5 a.m.

He’d have to get ready for work only to rush to the airport to board a plane that would take him from one long, grueling meeting after another.

As Billy raced from one end of the city to the other, fueled only by coffee he’d grabbed on the go, he dared to think… What if I didn’t have to do this 9-to-5 thing any longer? What could my life be then? How would it be to spend more time with my wife and kids?

Certainly there was supposed to be more…

  • More time with family and friends…
  • More time for vacations and travel for fun…
  • More time to create assets that would bring more returns than a paycheck…

As an employee, Billy was only working each and every day to build someone else’s dreams… not his own. It was time to make a change.

The Next Step

Living in Europe, Billy knows the market and understands that to buy income-producing properties means investing in the U.S. He would try it first and then bring others on board with his vision.

After all, life should be more than just working a day job to help others achieve their dreams. What about yours?

Now Billy is leveraging his strengths, his education, his ability to speak five languages, his understanding of real estate across markets, and his leadership and team-building skills to help you find great investment properties in the U.S.

A resident of Barcelona, Billy maintains his U.S. citizenship… so he knows the U.S. market well. He gathered a team to help him there and invested in his first multifamily property. That wasn’t long ago and it was one of the best decisions he could make. The property continues to be an income-producer.

I’ve known Billy since 2003; we were living in France and he had just started learning Spanish. That’s how we got to know each other. It was exciting to see how Billy embraced the language and learned it so quickly, and then to see him grow as an entrepreneur and real estate investor. Our relationship blossomed over the years, so when Billy began talking about investing in properties in New Jersey and North Carolina, I was intrigued. Thougth I’ve worked for a long time at a large bank in Europe, I’ve never chosen the alternative Investment Market for my personal portfolio. When I started talking with Billy about what he was doing I learned how investing in the U.S. would give me better returns than if I were to invest Europe. Curiosity about entrepreneurship, a willingness to go outside my “comfort-zone” and realizing that Billy is a great advisor who offered not only increase the returns on my money but also the possibility of improving my life. So that’s what I did… and I’ve been very happy about my decision!
I first met Billy in 2005 when he came to Barcelona. We worked together in two different companies. He was working as a Sales Manager and I was an IT Account Executive. It was interesting to watch Billy become the investor he is today. We were friends, so he didn’t approach me about investing in his properties. I respect that, because normally I don’t mix business with friendship. However, I’m really glad I broke that rule, because I had some “lazy money” sitting in the bank not earning any interest. If I hadn’t started attending Billy’s Cashflow games my money would probably still be sitting there doing nothing for me. During the games I learned basic principles of real estate investing, which made more and more sense to me every time I played Cashflow. I learned why Billy does long-distance investing in New Jersey and North Carolina, too, and I wanted to experience what he was experiencing. It looked pretty good to me. Like the creator of the game says, what you do on the board you can do in life. So I took a chance and let Billy put my money to work for me. It was a good move!
Javier Osorio
Having worked both in the private and public sector of accounting, I am used to dealing with numbers every day.  However, I did not know much about investing in real estate. Like Billy, I grew up in a family that did not talk about how to invest because it simply was not done.  My parents´ philosophy was to save, save, save in the bank and not invest.  My parents worked hard and managed to make ends meet but they never considered the possibility to make their money grow.  Billy and I met in Paris (we were Americans living abroad) in 2001. Over time I saw Billy’s real potential as an investor and how he began to expand his knowledge of real estate.  He started sharing with me what he was learning and it really intrigued me.   He finally took the plunge and started investing in real estate in the U.S.  He was so excited about the results that he was getting that I also wanted to learn more about it.  Billy took time to answer all my questions and he described his investment in layman´s terms.  In the end, investing with Billy made a lot of sense as the numbers clearly showed that I could easily get more by investing with him instead of the bank.  When he launched his company, KeePon Cashflow, I felt very comfortable investing in his properties and I knew that I could entrust my hard earned savings to him.  It is a way for me to take control of my and family´s future.  I do plan to do more investing!
Lily L.
I reached out to Billy because I was interested in investing in real estate. I am glad that I did. He was super excited to try and help me with my questions and provide his knowledge and experience in a way that was comfortable and at my speed. I could tell that he wasn’t trying to look at me as business, but with a passion to help me make my money work for me. His passion is to help people take that next step.
Mark Hutchison
I met Billy in France in 2002 working for a Global IT company. Since then I have seen him evolve in several important roles where he had the chance to show his skills and capabilities. As I matter of fact I always knew sooner or later he would become an entrepreneur. Since the first day his company is building real bridges between the USA and Europe, giving the opportunity to investors like me to gain important returns. After a given it a few months of thought I did finally decide to invest my money with KeePon a couple of months ago. This was the right thing to do for me taking in account the state of the current economy in Spain.
Carlos Mesonero
Like Billy, my background is in corporate sales, specifically for a large IT company. While I have different paper investments, such as stocks and mutual funds, I decided that I need to have more security than what the stock market can provide. That’s what interests me in real estate; it’s a tangible asset that brings consistent returns when you do things the right way, like investing in multifamily properties… and investing with KeePon Cashflow! At first I was nervous about mixing friendship and business, but when I saw what Billy has been doing, I decided to learn more. Nice to know the person that I’ve found something that is creating the returns for me. And it’s great to work with Billy. It’s not like working with a wealth manager who advises me to invest on a book of mutual funds. I’m happy to say I’m investing in real assets and earning real returns. I highly recommend working with Billy.
Fernando Cortes, Analytics Advisor, Madrid, Spain
Because I recently retired, I’ve been thinking about my savings more today than before. I’ve been watching Billy and KeePon Cashflow since its inception and I’ve been learning a few new things along the way. I’ve worked very hard for my money over the years and now I want to learn more about how to make my money work for me! Something Billy said made me realize that my money has been sitting in the bank earning close to 0% interest. That just won’t do, because I need real returns. That is what caught my interest in what Billy has been doing in real estate investing and about long-distance investing. Here in Spain, I can’t find the returns I can if I invest in properties in the U.S. I am now ready to create passive income in my retirement years, and I appreciate the time that Billy took to explain how that might work!
As a business owner of a multinational corporation that spans three countries… Spain, France and Portugal… I was looking for someone who could speak to my employees about finding their WHY so they could become more productive in their jobs and duties. After seeing Billy Keels speak on Facebook in a few of his videos I thought this man would do a great job, and I was right. Billy spent time to get to know my company’s culture so he could deliver just the right message at the right time! I was so glad to have found him and his videos online. I can highly recommend him as a speaker to corporate groups large and small. He will work closely with you to create the outcome you desire.

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