How’s it going, everybody? This is Billy Keels, and I’m here with Keepon Cashflow and I’m super excited to be able to tell you about who the winner was of our very first contest. And, as most of you know, we had a contest that went in June, July, and August of 2018 and the winner was actually announced, but this is the real, formal announcement. Wanted to talk to you a little bit about how it was, and then tell you who the winner was.

So, as you know, online everyone had an opportunity to enroll in the contest, be able to share that across your social media channels, have other people referred, and bring them closer to the community with your help. So there was lots and lots of activity. People from North America, Latin America, from Asia, from all over Europe, and really excited to tell you about who the winner was. Now, with this particular contest, we used an online application that’s called UpViral. Really great for contests and things like that, and with that we were able to track exactly the different activities that happened and I’m really, really excited to tell you that the winner of our very first contest is a Russian Expat who not only shared across the channels, but was able to also bring a number of people closer to the KeePon Cashflow community and really excited about sharing his story. 

Now, the winner of the context is a guy named Martin Kravchenko, and we’re gonna share a little bit of a video, because I did have a chance to actually present him with the game and hear more about the value of not only enrolling in the contest, but really what he plans on doing with the CashFlow 101 game. So, I hope you enjoy the video. We had a lot of fun making it and, listen, I’d love to hear what your thoughts or ideas are for another contest, because I’d love to do another one. Please let me know. Just respond to the mail or click on the link, or leave your comments. Would really love to know what you think about it.

Billy: So, for everybody who took place in the Cashflow 101 contest and you sent and you shared, I want to actually introduce you to the winner of the first contest we’ve had here at KeePon Cashflow, and the winner of the Cashflow 101 game, Martin Kravchenko So, congratulations. Martin, you’ve received your Cash Flow 101 game?

Martin: Absolutely.

Billy: And it’s been great. Maybe you want to… I did want to ask you a couple questions, right? I want to ask you a couple questions just about really being a part of a contest. A lot of times we see things online. I wanted to understand a little bit more about, number one, what motivated you to take part in the contest? And then afterwards, why?


Martin: Well, firstly, I think that this content is absolutely worth sharing. You are doing an amazing job, Billy. I think that this game is really good for learning about finances, and so I just wanted to share it with all my friends and colleagues, because I think that this skill should be learned by anyone. Doesn’t matter your profession, your age, where you are in the world. You need to learn this.

Billy: Okay, perfect. Fantastic. And that’s interesting because, Martin, if it’s okay if I share, Martin is just beginning in the university. Is that right?

Martin: Absolutely.

Billy: Okay, perfect. And why is it so important for you to share this financial knowledge?

Martin: Because to accumulate wealth, what you have to do is … It doesn’t matter how much you gain. What matters really is how much you retain. And so with this game, you really learn how to invest, the basic principles, and how can you apply this to the real world.

Billy: Perfect. So taking something from a board game, being able to apply it-

Martin: And applying it.

Billy: I really like that. Not what you gain but how much you retain.

Martin: Yeah.

Billy: Okay, that’s really, really nice. And so you’ve also … You have a chance to play with other people playing Cashflow 101. Can you maybe tell us a little bit about what you learn when you’re playing with other people?

Martin: Well, you absolutely learn from each other because each of us has a different mix of knowledges, and it’s just a ton of fun. This game, what I like to call it, is Monopoly on steroids. 

Billy: Yup! Monopoly on steroids.

Martin: Like Monopoly, but much better. I think Robert has done a great job making this game and I just love sharing it with other people.

Billy: Okay. Well, we really appreciate you taking the time to share it with other people. Really appreciate you continuing to go out, share this knowledge, and bring more people towards this and helping everybody to get on the right financial track.

Martin: Absolutely.

Some more questions….

Question: What motivated you to play CashFlow 101 with people you didn’t know?

Martin: Well, for the past few years, few months, I have been attending a lot of meetups and different events, and so when I saw this one on eventbrite I was interesting because it talked about finance and investing and I was really interested in this topic and wanted to learn more, so I just decided to give it a go and it went absolutely well.

Question: What was the biggest fear you had before attending the game?

Martin: After those events, I didn’t have actually any fears. Maybe some tension about meeting new people, and just the fact of socializing and going into an unknown environment, but really that wasn’t a problem for me. I think it’s just a matter of experience. I don’t know. Just going out and going out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, and just taking action. That’s what counts.

Question: What makes Billy different?

Martin: Well, maybe attitude. Because he’s just so open to sharing knowledge and bringing in new people and sharing new knowledge with them. This is incredible. That’s what I like the most, your attitude. Your passion for this subject.

Question: How did Billy helped you while playing the game?

Martin: Well, he explained all the concepts very clearly. So for the first time I came he explained all the workings of the game and it was super clear to me what I have to do and how all this works. This is a great skill of yours, I guess. And yeah, again, just your attitude, your energy and all this motivation that you give to others.

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You can also check out my latest podcasts and collaborations here