Do you want to figure out if job security really exists? In this video, I want to answer just that question coming up.

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But I want to get back to this whole thing of job security and whether or not it exists. I guess this might be a little bit of a rant because one of the things that I see all the time, and I’ve been working in the corporate world and big multinationals for over 20 years, is there always seems to be moments where it’s seems time for the organization to either synergize, rightsize, or downsize.

These are all different ways of saying, “Well, you know what, they need to let people go.” It’s one of the things that is the most difficult whenever you’re working in an environment because sometimes things are happening in the right way, and you may be doing the best job possible, but because your number is called, unfortunately you end up out the door.

You’re going to spend 10 or 15 years with a company, and then you may change and do something else, but you’re probably going to either start up your own consultancy or you’re going to work for another big company. I work in the IT industry, and it’s not uncommon to go from one big IT software manufacturer to another, or to a hardware manufacturer. It’s probably the same for your industry.

It always makes me a bit sad when I see one of my colleagues that is trying their best and that’s just not good enough.  I guess that primarily because I genuinely enjoy my job. At the same time, if tomorrow my number was called and I wasn’t asked to come back the next day, it wouldn’t really be that big of a deal because I’ve spent the last five and a half years building something very special…During this time I’ve been sleeping very little, working on a passion project, having great support from my wife, from my kids and my extended family.  With this dedication and support the current results I’m fortunate to able to be in a position where even if my number is called it’s not going to materially affect what life is all about.

But I don’t want your number to get called and have it be a shock. And now your life is completely changed. The number one thing I will tell you is even though you may have a great corporate job, great benefits, the car, the gas, and all this other stuff, make sure you start working on a Plan B. This could be whatever your passion project is.

If you love going out and taking care of dogs, then go walk more dogs. Or if you really love creating software packages, spend some time on that when you have a chance. Work on your Plan B and drive your energy in that direction. Ultimately, it can help you create new streams of revenue if you follow it so much that you can materialize it into being able to sell and commercialize the service or the product you’re creating.

Number one, definitely make sure you have a Plan B and invest your time and energy in that outside of office hours. Yes, it means you’ll have to do some more work, but it shouldn’t feel like work because you’re doing something you’re passionate about. The second thing I would say is make sure you’re building a deep expertise.

We tend to watch lots of experts in sports because they are the best at what they do. The same thing can be applied to any field. If you’re into real estate, read as much as you can about real estate and meet and become a part of as many groups as you possibly can to build up your expertise. Ultimately, don’t just make it a theoretical thing. Put it into practice. Go out and try some stuff. I didn’t get a chance to build my portfolio because I read a lot of books and met a lot of people. No, I also took some calculated risks and bought a number of properties.

I’m managing them long distance, which I’m doing from Spain and with great teams back in the States. Now, I’m passively investing in some other larger deals, like 252 units or 82-room hotels. But it’s because there’s an expertise, so always focus your time and build your expertise on the theoretical side as well as the practical side. Get involved and take action!

And then lastly, I would say never stop learning. Always be learning something new that you can apply. that you can use to help, that you can teach others because one of the things I’ve also learned is that it’s become very evident the more expertise you are able to build and share with others, the more you can also have the opportunity to create your own tribe and work and grow together.

Like I said, this is something that has been in my heart recently because there are a lot of things happening and lots of organizations that are rightsizing. Because of that, I wanted to have this little bit of a rant because I don’t want you to get caught without having a Plan B. I don’t want you to get caught without having an expertise that you’ve been able to build up, and I definitely don’t want you to stop learning because you can use that to create communities or tribes like I’ve been doing.

I want you to always stay ahead of the game. I’d love to know what you think. Do you think job security exists? I have my thoughts on it. I think it’s pretty clear what my thoughts are, and that’s why I have a Plan B and a Plan C.

Listen, everybody, this is Billy. Definitely leave your comments below. I want to find out what you think. I’d love to have a debate around this topic. Because I’m in Spain, a lot of you have been asking about how I have built up this multi-family portfolio back in the United States. I’ve written a free eBook for you. You can feel free to pick it up by clicking here. Just Leave your email so that we can send you your FREE eBook and it will also bring you closer to the community and becoming a part of the KeePon Cashflow Tribe.


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