As you know, I get motivated by you… my followers.

I love when people who’ve been reading my articles or following me in social media start a dialogue with me and share their opinions, even if that means they are challenging what I have to say.

But here’s the truth…

In life and in sales, at the end of the day people do things for THEIR reasons; not yours. I was recently reminded of this fact by someone who didn’t really agree with me on something I was saying on Linked In, which is his right.

As you might have guessed, it got me to thinking and then to do a little video on what happened. Take a look:


So What Happened?

Some interesting interactions took place after I shared a blog I wrote about why investing in real estate in Spain doesn’t make a lot of sense for me or my investors. Boy, did that get some conversations started!! (To be honest, I didn’t expect that to happen in such a big way.)

Here’s how it all started…


My wife posted this as we typically do to share out my articles.

Then I started getting comments and questions. As I normally do, I started responding.

After a bit of back and forth, someone outside my normal network of followers chimed in. Maybe this person has been watching me for a long time. Not sure. But he was challenging me about my investment reasoning.

It took us a while to get to a point where he understood that my comments reflect MY opinion and my reasons… not his and his reasons.


Here’s a peek at how I left it…

Like I said, I love the interaction even if it’s not 100% positive. Everyone has his/her own opinions and that is what makes this world so wonderful. Just think of what it would be like if everyone walked around agreeing all the time. (Boring.)

You might wonder why I wrote this short article to share with you. It’s because I want you to be unafraid of 1) interacting with me anywhere you see me online or in the real world, and 2) to get you to see that you don’t have to share my opinions for us to have great conversations.

I’m not after a debate; I seek great conversations, so I hope you will take me up on my invitation and connect with me. You’ll find my social media share links on this site easily enough.

But before we have dialogue, why don’t you grab this first…



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