How’s it going everybody? This is Billy with KeePonCashFlow.

I know I’ve talked a lot of times about how to keep your money and your mindset together. And most of you are probably expecting that this is the fourth part of the video series about helping you to get started in real estate, long distance real estate, and building your business. But I never to take a break because something has actually affected my heart and I really think it’s time that I share this with you as well.

And it’s really about the mindset part. I know we talk a lot about money and mindset, and we talk about real estate, but I want you to realize and maybe it’s one of the things that I forget about because I’ve now been on this journey for over five years. I’m very focused. But there are times when it’s difficult, it’s really hard. And I had a really good friend of mine call me and needed to talk.

And when we sat down, we had a chance to talk yesterday, and she basically was sharing with me the frustration that she’s going through because she’s worked with a number of different multi-level marketing companies, and she’s always around people and focused and bringing things forward. And one of the things we talked about was when you put two years worth of time into something, you expect a return.

And I know I talk a lot about what I’m doing in real estate and a lot of benefits that it’s help me, and my family, our investors to get, but it’s also really important to remember that at the end of the day, you gotta be able to make sure you got food on the table.

And just having these dreams to move after things, you have to make choice, right? Everybody in life has to make choices. I’ve talked about it before. I’ve talked about the fact that I’m living two lives today. So there are inherently sacrifices that I have to make either with family, with the day job, with the evening job, because I’m making choices to do something. And when I make a choice to do something, I’m also taking a risk. There’s risk involved in every single thing that we do. It’s just a matter of, how much of the risk are you willing to take? And what is the potential return that’s going to be for your life, for your family, for whatever your dream is. It’s not always easy.

And one of the things that we talked about, it just reminded me, and that’s why I needed to stop the series that we’re in, and I know that you’re waiting for the last part of the series, but I just want to remind you that whatever your dream is, whatever you’re chasing behind, it’s going to take patience. Overnight success doesn’t exist. You may hear about this story and it seems overnight, but those people that have achieved whatever level of success that they’re looking for, they’ve achieve that by lots and lots and lots of hours, right?

It’s not just a year, it’s not two years. I’m five years into this and I know that I still have a number of years to go, because the dream is that big. And so, sometimes you have to do things that help to keep food on the table because the reality is, either you make a break from everything and you go 100% in on one thing for a really long time, get your 20,000 hours or whatever it is, or however many years you need to get into becoming an expert, so that you can get to your dream.

It’s not just a year, it’s not two years. I’m five years into this and I know that I still have a number of years to go, because the dream is that big.  – Tweet  

And it was just really, as I had the conversation, I thought maybe I don’t talk enough about it here because I talk about money and mindset. And you have to get your head around being able to stay patient, stay focused, I know I’ve talked about this before, on whatever you dream is and be willing to do the work for a long time. It’s not enough to focus on something for a year and then change and do something else. And then do something else. You’re always learning with every opportunity. I talked about MLM before, Multi-Level Marketing. If you’re learning those skills that are transferable, just know that when you are working with one multi-level marketing program and you switch to the other, you’re going to lose momentum in the one you switched from, however, the skill set that you’ve built should help you to move faster in the next multi-level marketing. But it’s going to be difficult for you to build up overall success, if you wanna measure that in money.

So, don’t get frustrated, just get focused. Keep working. Keep doing what you need to do. And the results will be there. Like I said, don’t expect to get the result overnight. That’s just not realistic. I think you’ll put too much pressure on yourself. And yeah, you need to eventually get out there. You need to eventually make some type of choice, number one, and also, you need to be able to keep food on your table. So don’t worry if you have to stay in a day job for a while or for a number of years. I’m a perfect example. I still have my day job, and I’m building a business. I’m moving towards a dream.

So, like I said, it’s been on my heart since we talked the other day and I just wanted to share this with you and the community. I don’t apologize, but I felt like this is what you needed to hear. I needed to get this off of my chest, off of my heart, and share that with you. So, if you are still between two worlds, you’re not the only one. And you need to keep focused on your dreams, on your goals, as long as they’re big enough. And it’s going to take time, it’s not something that’s just …. going to happen overnight.

So, don’t get frustrated, just get focused. Keep working. Keep doing what you need to do.  – Tweet  

So, listen, I hope that has been helpful for you. It was definitely helpful for me, when I met with my friend, to be able to share and the feedback that I received so far was also helpful to hear. So, keep going, stay focused, and definitely be patient. I know it’s tough, especially when you have bills to pay and you have things to do, but just stay focused. Keep going on, and if you have to stay in a job that supports a six-figure or five-figure, or whatever your figure is for a while while you transition, then that’s okay. That’s absolutely okay.

I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to know where you are. I’m doing the building the business on the side and I know a lot of you are doing very similar things. So, listen everybody, this is me, it’s Billy Keels. That’s my two cents for today.

Actually, I guess I should probably leave you with a question of the day. And today’s question really is: When was the last time that you felt like you couldn’t move forward and what did you do to make sure that you could continue to stay focused and moving forward?

I’d love to hear from you.

That’s my two cents for today, and as always, hasta la proxima.

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