How To Calculate Short Term Gains

So now that you understand what capital gains are, you're really trying to understand what is the difference between one type and this type, which is short-term capital gains. And [...]

How to Understand Capital Gains

So there is this term that is thrown out all the time that you're really trying to understand what it is, and that is Capital Gains. Well, in this video, [...]

Understanding Passive Income

So you’ve been struggling to figure out exactly what is passive income and how it affects you. In this blog, I’m going to answer that question, coming up!  [...]

Understanding Active Income

I guess you're a little confused about what exactly is the whole concept of active income, so that's why you are here. What I’m going to do is explain what [...]

Understanding Internal Rate of Return

You’ve landed on this blog because you want to figure out what is the Internet Rate of Return or IRR and what it means to you when you’re starting on [...]

Four Areas to Create Returns in Real Estate

You've stopped at this video because you want to figure out the four areas that you can create returns in real estate. Guess what I'm going to do. I'm going [...]

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