Have you noticed how often you make your decisions based on emotion?

I’m getting a first row seat and observing lots of decisions being made around me here in Barcelona.  Let’s just say that there’s a pretty politically charged environment where I live right now.

If you haven’t hear about what’s happening in Catalonia, take time to educate yourself. What’s going on here seems to be a trend in our world today. It makes you stop and scratch your head a bit.

It’s really intriguing to me because I’ve been watching the marching and protests in the streets from my rooftop. See what I mean in one of my latest My Two Cents videos:

Yes, I’m on my roof in that video.

I know, gorgeous backdrop, right?

But that’s one of the reasons I chose to live in Barcelona. The area is rich with history and beautiful architecture. One doesn’t need to be a real estate entrepreneur to appreciate these facts. It’s an emotional thing!

Do you decide with your gut or logic?

If you’re like most people, you go with your gut. If it’s something you want because you want it, you’ll say yes and then do that thing or buy that thing you’ve been wanting. In fact, you might not be able to stop thinking about it.

You’ll apply points of logic later to justify your decision.

If you don’t believe me, think about the last time you made a purchase decision.

Let’s say it’s a new vehicle or a pair or gorgeous shoes that might have been a bit high for your budget. You knew the minute you saw that thing that you wanted to buy it.

Your gut was screaming YES!!

If you’re like me, your mind said, “Hold up. Take a few minutes here.”  – Tweet   So you walked away only to come back later after your arguments as to why the purchase is a good thing to make the purchase anyway.

So really the answer is that you use both your gut and your logic when making decisions. The outcome of your decisions may not always be good, but this is how we as human beings work.

That’s why I always recommend doing your homework; do your research on that thing you want to buy; step back and really think it through.

Otherwise, if you only go on emotion, the outcome may not be beneficial.

My gut and my logic got me my first rental property.

When I look back on the first time I purchased a piece of rental real estate, it was my gut that lead the way. BUT… I had done research before seeing any properties. I knew the areas in which I wanted to invest and the logical reasons for that decision.

The rest was all gut!!

I didn’t jump on the deal the first time I walked the property. I knew better. Instead, I would give myself a little time to think things through. I cannot tell you today that in the end this will be one of my better decisions, but the property has produced cashflow month after month since I bought it.

You may wonder why I’m sharing this with you today.

The short answer is that  I want you to do well in whatever it is that you are doing  – Tweet  .

I want you to slow down and try your best to make decisions based on your criteria… not on gut instinct alone. Not simply on your emotional responses.

When it comes to doing deals in real estate, I want you to understand the importance of doing your due diligence, not taking the seller’s word about a property being in great shape and really doing your homework before signing on the dotted line.  Otherwise, you could get yourself into trouble  – Tweet  .

Whether you’re buying a car, a house, a gorgeous piece of jewelry for your spouse or a pair of heels you’ve wanted forever, don’t let your emotions alone drive your decision to buy.

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