There’s a question that comes up again and again: For those of you who want to get started in real estate, how much money do you actually need? I’ve got an answer that’s going to help you get your first rental property.  KeePon reading because it’s coming up!

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Getting back on topic, I want to share something that happened recently on my Instagram page. I like answering your questions on different social media channels, and I’ve even done a video on it in the past. I get so many wonderful, fantastic questions, and if you ask it in the group, then I can answer it and everyone gets to participate. But a lot of you like to send questions via direct message, and I want to read one of those comments without giving the person’s name away.


Basically, this person is also working in a corporate job, just like me, and is looking to invest in rental properties. They told me which markets they wanted to be in and the amount of money they thought they would use to start out. I then asked, “When you say states like Florida or North Carolina, where were you thinking, specifically?” We all know real estate is hyper-local, right? I asked her several more questions, and when she came back to me, she basically said, “Hey, Billy. I have been thinking about your last question to me, and I realized I didn’t have the answer, which led me back to the drawing board. I decided, for the markets I want to get into, that I will need more cash upfront. So, I’m working on some other income streams that aren’t as capital intensive. But, if you don’t mind me asking, about how much did you start with?”

This is kind of the crux of the question. And before I answer it, I just want to share a few stories. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, it’s one of those films that really touched my soul and probably touched millions of people. The story of Chris Gardner is about a guy who doesn’t come from a very wealthy family and actually goes through some really hard times. He separated from his wife, and he and his son lived in San Francisco. Because of some parking tickets and issues with the IRS, they ended up sleeping in a subway station. Even then, he didn’t have enough money to do that. He was jumping around homeless shelters, but he was always focused on getting to a better life. He was focused on why he wanted to do that. So, although it was a difficult situation, Chris actually got to a point where he was not only able to go through an unpaid internship and secure a job, but he went on to become an entrepreneur and start his own brokerage firm. Now he is a multibillionaire.

A different story I want to share is Bill Gates’. He came from a very well-to-do family, didn’t really need much, and was able to attend some of the best universities in the world. Then he decided he didn’t want to finish and was able to start his own company. Microsoft is also a multibillion, if not a trillion-dollar business. But Bill Gates is also a multibillionaire because he was focused on getting out there and solving a problem. He followed a clear process to do that.

You’re probably wondering, “Billy, why are you telling me these stories?”

It all goes back to the question asked on Instagram: “How much did you start with?” The answer is that it doesn’t matter if I started with zero or a billion dollars because my context is different than your context. So, just like Chris Gardner, who started from nothing, and Bill Gates, who had many things, they both went on to achieve their goals and their dreams. Why? Because they were focused on solving a problem. They were focused on impacting lives. As a result, their path led them to becoming a multibillionaire. Now, maybe you don’t want to be a multibillionaire in real estate, but if you do want your first real estate property, my suggestion is to think about where you are and why you want to achieve your goals. Let your structured plan lead you to your goal.

Whether it’s your first property, your fifth property, your tenth property, or your five-hundredth property, it doesn’t matter. Other people will have started at different points from yours. It doesn’t matter what your role is, whether you’re a janitor or a lawyer. It’s about the decisions you make. These decisions will largely determine how you end up in life. In real life, everybody starts at different points, just like Chris Gardner and Bill Gates, but they were both able to make sacrifices and stay focused to achieve the goals they set out for themselves. You are no different. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.


In this same way, I’ve made the decision to continue to work in a multinational corporation while building my own business at the same time. I’ve also had to make sacrifices, to do more of certain things and less of others. But, regardless, my context is different than your context. The important part is to have a clear plan. Luckily, I’ve been able to create a very clear plan that I’m willing to share with you. All you need to do is click HERE to pick up your step-by-step plan to getting started in real estate investing. That eBook is FREE for you! If you decide you want to do some more in-depth training, there’s also an opportunity for you to do that, but I wanted you to at least get started. Get out of your own way and get started in real estate!

So, let me know what you thought about this video. Please leave your comments. I’m looking forward to staying in touch with you. This is Billy Keels at KeePon Cashflow, and that’s my two cents for today. As always, Hasta la Próxima!

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