So, you’re probably trying to figure out how in the world you should get started with your business. Do I do this? Do I do that? And because you can’t make a decision, you’re getting stuck. Well, I want to share a story about what my kids did to get their business moving forward. Coming up.

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You can also think about this in terms of building your investment portfolio because it’s really similar. I guess one of the reasons I’m even talking about this is I get many people who will ask me, how do I get started, or how do I know the right person to bring on my team, or I don’t know how I’m supposed to get in touch with that person, or I don’t have enough of this, or I don’t have enough of that. And I get that. All of those questions or concerns are completely legitimate. But here’s the point: At the end of the day, you have to start somewhere. What I just went through over the weekend was absolutely amazing, and that’s why I want to stop here and share it with you because my children are also building up their portfolio.

I’ll tell you a little bit about that more in the second. They were also doing a lot of the things that are necessary to go out and build a strong business and/or your investment portfolio. And I just wanted to share that with you because, for those of you who have kids, you’re really going to relate to this. Even if you don’t have kids, maybe when you were growing up you had a baseball card collection or you were collecting soccer cards or you were collecting your transformer cards or something. Well, my kids love this thing called DragonBall Z, and so they collect cards and they’ve been doing that for quite a while. But the thing is, they keep buying packages and packages and packages, but they have a lot of cards that are the same.

So, over the weekend, there was an opportunity for them to actually get to their goal, which was to fill up their whole collection and fill up their album. On Sunday mornings in Barcelona, there’s a place where lots of different kids bring all their different baseball cards and soccer cards and whatever series the kids collect, and they can go out and trade cards with one another. This is actually where the magic happened, and it was absolutely unbelievable. So imagine this, our kids were getting started. They knew they had a clear goal. The first step was they wanted to go out and make sure their album was as full as possible, if not completed.

I’ll tell you how that ends later, but the first thing they were thinking about was, what was the goal? And so of course they came and asked their advisors, Mom and Dad, “What can we do to get prepared for tomorrow?” And so their mother, says, “Hey, listen, why don’t you write down the number of cards you don’t have? So that, you know, tomorrow when you go to get the cards, these are the ones that you need to complete the albums.” But the whole point here is they had a clear goal of what they wanted to do. They wanted to fill out their album and they had the first step, which is to write down all the numbers and absolutely go for those numbers and to be able to trade. But the magic started happening once we got to the event.

And hopefully I’ll figure out a way to just give you a quick shot of the video of what we saw when we got there. It was really cool. So we get to this place, and first of all, the kids had their goal in mind. They knew what they wanted to do, which was filling up their album, but then they had to sift through this sea of kids to find their tribe. They had to find who their tribe was, the person that could actually help them with DragonBall Z. They went through a bunch of kids that had soccer cards, and some others that had doll baby cards. And they finally found their tribe, which was the other people that had DragonBall cards. And so when they found their tribe, it was really interesting to watch the kids because in the beginning they went up and they were really looking small. They were asking because they didn’t really know what the norms were for the group and how they should trade this card and that card.

Luckily, Mom and Dad were there to help them like mentors or coaches are there to help you in the beginning when you’re not feeling so confident. Then they traded the first card, and they didn’t kind of know what was going on, they felt weird. And then you see them trade the second card, and then they traded the third card and then they traded the fourth card and then they became so much more confident because they’d hadn’t repetitions. They were going through it over and over and over. And so they had a chance to meet new kids, right? That’s always something that when you’re building your business or you’re building out your portfolio, you want to build relationships with new people in the exact same way that the kids were building and meeting new people. They had to come out of their shell. It was amazing that once they started getting feedback and meeting kids, they actually started putting kids in touch with one another, kids they had met a couple minutes ago. They’d say, hey look, go talk to this kid.

So, they were actually being a building a bridge between different people. When you’re building relationships and building your business or building your real estate portfolio or your investment portfolio, these are things you will want to do to continue to build a strong continuous business. And then they started to change and adapt. One of the things that in the very end when my youngest son actually completed his portfolio or his album, and he was looking for one card, I think it was number 24, he was looking for it. And he found one kid that actually was just getting started who didn’t have many cards at all in his album, and so what he realized was he, my son, wanted the 24 card and he realized that the other kid didn’t have many cards at all.

So rather than trading how they had been, like two for two. and then sometimes two for three or one for three, my son had a stack of cards like this. And so what he decided to do is give the kid a big stack. I think it was like 40 cards or something like that for the one card because he wanted that one card to complete his album. So he learned the value of equal doesn’t always mean  fair. And so, it was great in terms of what he saw value in. He wanted the one, so he was willing to give up 40, and the other kid wanted to fill out his album much faster. And so he gave up the one card that he had. So, they were learning how to adapt to the situation and see what was going on and work to create win-win scenarios.

And so what he decided to do is give the kid a big stack. I think it was like 40 cards or something like that for the one card because he wanted that one card to complete his album. So he learned the value of equal doesn’t always mean fair.  – Tweet  

Aside from that, there were different languages. I heard French, I heard Italian, I heard Spanish, of course, and Catalan, which is a language they speak here in the region that I live in. We also heard lots of English. It was really, really cool. And then, of course, they were counting cards constantly, so the numbers were going through and they were revising numbers and looking at things like that. The reason I’m telling you this is that, just as much as all of these different lessons, like setting your goals, finding your tribe or your prospects that you want to go out and work with or work through as either building your business or investing, meeting new people, which can be new team members or new customers, all of these things are really important as it relates to building your business and building out your investment portfolio. It’s important to have the ability to adapt your strategy, given the situation, and look to create win-win scenarios for all those that are involved either with your suppliers or with your customers.

These things are amazing. And then, of course, if you’re working internationally, like I am in long-distance, language, culture, numbers, these things are always going to be really, really important. So I hope you’ve been able to see with this simple example that it’s really about just getting started, taking the first step, and being really clear on why you want to do something. And then from there go one step to the next, to the next, to the next. Having the ability to adapt, surround yourself with advisors, mentors, and coaches, and continue to take action and move forward each and every time. So, listen, like I said, I’m always interested in helping you to move forward so you can get your mindset in the right way to have your roadmap, which is the map to get you to your goals, and also to help you to take action or make movement.

It’s important to have the ability to adapt your strategy, given the situation, and look to create win-win scenarios for all those that are involved either with your suppliers or with your customers.  – Tweet  

This is what I like to talk about. I’ve been sharing with most of you the fact that I am still working in the multinational market, and I really, really love investing in cash flow assets back in the United States. I’ve created an eBook for you as well, so if you’re interested in picking that up, why don’t you go to and you can pick up that gift from me to you. I definitely want to hear your comments on this one. What roadblocks have you faced in the past that have stopped you from moving forward? I hope  this little story from my kids helps give you the clarity and the motivation to go out there and start to build your business as well as your investment portfolio. This is Billy Keels with KeePon Cashflow. That’s my two cents for today. And as always, hasta la próxima!


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