Does anyone challenge you?

You know… someone you trust who gives you feedback, good and not-so-good, on what you’re doing in business. This person needs to ask good questions, look at your website and content with fresh new eyes and also be supportive of you when you’re experiencing tough days.

For me, I have a few of these individuals in my life and I feel great that they want to work with me. They are my accountability partners and I’d be sunk without them. Well, maybe not sunk, but life would be more challenging without them and getting to my goals would take longer.

I talk about one accountability partner in particular named Thomas in this short video:

Do you need only ONE accountability partner?

In the video, you will see that I focus primarily on one accountability partner, Thomas. He’s a great guy and this is my way to give a shout out to this man who shares my passion for real estate investing. 

But he is not the only person in my life who plays a big supporting role and who challenges my ideas, plans and actions. In fact, I feel truly blessed to have a handful of such individuals in my life. 

For example, my wife isn’t just the love of my life; she also plays an integral role in helping me build my entrepreneurial business. She is by no means a “yes” person and certainly challenges me when she thinks I’m going a different direction than she thinks I should be. She supports me in everything we do in KeePon Cashflow. She is a heck of a good accountability partner and she is also one heck of a good designer! (Take a look at her work on our Resources Page.)

In short, my wife Blanca holds me accountable for my choices and actions.

So does my marketing team.

I have a few of these individuals in my life and I feel great that they want to work with me.


Conversely, I hold the people in my team accountable, too. As long as we all do what we say we will in the timeframe we’ve agreed on, there is no problem. It’s only when deliverables aren’t, well, delivered in a timely manner that things can go awry.

In a team, we all pull the wagon together toward a common goal. In that sense, it really is team work that makes the dream work.

Regarding Thomas’ role as my accountability partner, while he isn’t part of my team he plays a big role in keeping me on the right path. I do the same for him. That is our agreement.

Why do you need accountability partners?

Listen, we can all be a little flaky at times. But that is really true when we don’t have people who share our passions in business… especially when it comes to entrepreneurial endeavors… who also have our backs.


These people cheer us on when we’re doing well, they ask purposeful questions when they think we’re going off track or doing things that won’t get us to our goals, and they check up on us to make sure we are doing exactly what we told the world we intended to do.

They are not called “let it slide” partners; they are holding us ACCOUNTABLE for what we say, what we do and what we say we are going to do. This is not done in a critical manner. Not be a long shot. The best accountability partners are those individuals who know how to deliver critique and suggestions in a positive way.

Your ideal accountability partner can’t just share your enthusiasm for a specific goal, for example, real estate investing. He/she must understand the subject matter well enough to provide excellent feedback.

Think about it this way…

Let’s say you are opening a feed and supplies store for horses. You state your goals and start working toward them, but sometimes you feel like you could use some great input and feedback to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

You can’t call upon just anyone to be your accountability partner. You would need someone who really knows horses, what they eat, what they like, what makes them perform best and what keeps them their happiest and healthiest. You need someone that has horses and knows the products that are best for any given situation.

The same goes for my business as a real estate entrepreneur. My trusted accountability partners know real estate. They were learning the same time I was learning how to do deals and earn passive income through real estate investing. Or they have been doing it a whole lot longer than I have.

These individuals challenge the heck out of me some days and are supportive cheerleaders other days. They are excellent people to have in my corner.

That’s what I wish for you… excellent people who can act as your accountability partners. I’m happy to talk to you about that further. Get started now by scheduling a free phone consultation with me. (It’s just a conversation. I promise.)

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