If you want to stop being a perfectionist so you can accomplish more of your goals, then this week’s post is for you! I’m going to share a couple of tips so you can add more value to your life without stressing out about being perfect.

This topic is personal for me because I am a recovering perfectionist. Yes, I said it. I’ve started to realize there are many lessons you can learn from other people’s experiences, so I want to share some of my experiences with you.

If you’ve always been used to getting top grades in school, you’ve probably turned out to be a bit of a perfectionist. There was always a right and wrong answer. In academia, that’s mostly okay. If you want to be a lawyer or a doctor, then you need to know certain information to be successful.

In the real world, however, there’s something called trial and error.

I’m going to start with something as simple as launching a podcast. If you are interested in learning new information and providing value to other people, you can get hung up on some of those earlier steps. You might think about launching a podcast for a long time, you might keep it in the lab forever, and it never really gets out to the public. And if your idea doesn’t get out to the public, then you’re basically stealing your own time. You’re stealing the opportunity to have a positive impact on others.

So, it’s important to get your ideas together as quickly as possible, as thoroughly as possible, and then get them out to the public. No matter what, your idea will never be perfect, even when you think it is. That’s why it’s important to stay open to getting feedback.

This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to have accountability partners like a close group of friends, family members, or people in your community that you trust and will give you feedback. And I don’t just mean positive feedback. I mean real feedback, like what’s working and what isn’t, what they like and don’t like, and what could be improved. It might be a hard process to go through, but it’ll be even worse to discover your product isn’t as useful as you had hoped it would be.

Don’t procrastinate! I’m saying that because I’ve already gone through that, and I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did. I’ve probably been thinking about this podcast for over five years. It’s for corporate executives who earn six figures and love their job, but also want to have more control over their financial life. For you, I developed the Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels. It allows you to learn from experts in real assets that are based in the United States, though it doesn’t matter where you live, as you can listen to it from anywhere.



The reason why I’m telling you all this is because the podcast has been launched, even though it’s not perfect. There’s a lot more we’re going to do with it. That might involve getting episodes to you faster, or maybe the microphone quality will be better. There’s room for improvement, but it was important to launch this project and provide you with the value as soon as possible.

This is all about the MVP, or the minimum viable product. This is where you share the first version of your finished product so you can gain feedback from those trusted people in your life that we were talking about earlier. When you get that feedback, it’s your job to then continuously improve your product.

I have a really good friend named Sally who always provides excellent feedback on my projects. When we launched the Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels, she provided me with feedback, including what she liked and didn’t like, as well as what she thought could be improved. It was phenomenal.

Once she was finished giving me her notes, I took that information back to my team so we could improve the podcast and provide you with the best possible show we could make. Now I know that we can have better video, better audio, better conversations, and more. I’ve even gone back to watch every single episode in order to understand what I can personally do to improve the guest experience.

Remember, if you have something valuable in your heart that you want to share with the public, it’s important to get it out there. Don’t procrastinate, make sure you’re not stealing time from yourself, and put your product in front of people you trust so they can help you refine your idea. Make sure you’re fighting perfectionism. It’s okay to get 85% done and then just continue to improve from there.

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