Do you want to understand how to get involved in a real estate syndication? In this video, I’m going to answer just that question, coming up.

I want to talk to you about how you can get involved in a real estate syndication. But once again, a lot of you that are following me or watching, you are living outside the United States, you want to find out more about real estate, investing in real estate, and all the things it can provide you from a lifestyle perspective, from a less stress perspective, etc…

But a lot of times we talk about what you can do, and now I really want to talk to you about how you can actually do it. And if you allow me, I want to just tell you this story. It’s like I love,… well, I like playing golf a lot. In continue to get better at it. And so one of the times when I first got started, I gave myself a goal that I wanted to, well, I wanted to be able to finish 18 holes of golf. And so that was my goal, that was my objective. I had never played before, I think I was 21 years old, or 22 years old, something like that. From a very middle class family, we never played golf. But I knew that the day when I went out I wanted to actually be able to get to the goal, which was finish 18 holes.


What I didn’t know were some of the different things that were going to come up. Well, first of all I didn’t know that you’d have to get out there and practice. You could go out and do some practice swings, hit the driving range. If I had known that, that would probably have helped a lot more. I got a chance to a feel of the number of different clubs that were there, and while I was grabbing some of the clubs and swinging, trust me, I went through lots of frustration. I didn’t have the right swing, I was tired. Mentally I was fatigued, and there were a lot of things that were just brand new to me.

But as I went through more and more, we finished on the driving range and then we had a chance to either go by buggy, or we could walk the 18 holes, which was something that was completely new for me as well. So I was like all right, well which one do I actually want to do? Do I want to drive and lead, or do I want to walk and be with the group? And so we decided that we were going to do half and half, but we took the buggy that particular day.


But, the important part is once we got out in the foursome that we were playing with, we were teamed up. And we were talking to one another, we were practicing. We were over and over. There were lots of periods of frustration, but at the end of the day, we were able to finish, I was able to finish 18 holes of golf, because that was my goal. I was able to walk for a while, I was also able to take the buggy. I lost some balls, yeah. I mean it wasn’t a perfect day by any means. But I also was able to get a par on one of the holes, but most of them were over par, so bogeys. But that was the first time I’d ever gone out and played golf.

Since then, I’ve played a lot more, my game has gotten a lot better. But I’m still far from where I want to be. But the idea is that I continue to go out, and I continue to practice. I’ve had the emotional highs of I know what it’s like to get a par, since then a birdie. But I also know what it’s like to go through the frustration of your hands completely hurting because you’re grabbing the club too hard. Or you’re out in the rough and it’s frustrating, and you just don’t know what to do. I’ve gone through that whole gamut, right?

And so why am I telling you this? Because it’s no different than how you’re going to actually find your way into a real estate syndication. In the very beginning when I was wanting to get involved in a real estate syndication after I’d found out and realized that I was going to need to access more capital, I was really focused on being able to go out and make more money. Create more returns, and be able to walk away from my day job. That was my whole focus in the beginning.

And at the same time, since I’d never done any type of syndication of worked with anyone else’s capital, I was really nervous. I was really afraid, like what happened if I messed things up, if I lost someone’s money, if I didn’t have all the answers? And all of those feelings of just really being, I guess not knowing everything, left me a little bit feeling vulnerable I guess.

And that was until I realized that hey, listen, I’m here, I’m in Europe. There’s an opportunity to help people that I’m working with. But how can I connect them with other people that are in the United States? Or how can I be a bridge for them? Because I was feeling kind of stuck in Europe. But then I realized that that could actually be the way that would help me, just like being out on the golf club, once you get your right club, you get the right swing. I realized that I was able to find my place, to be able to connect people between Europe and the United States, and being able to do that.

So, that was the moment where I thought hmm, this is actually pretty cool. And so that’s when I started getting more and more involved with different groups online, and being able to find people. A lot of time through Facebook, a lot of times through YouTube. And also through personal connections, and being able to build bridges with people. And even to the point of getting on and attending events, like I went to the Secrets of Successful Syndication with the real estate guys not too long ago. But the idea was to be able to go out and start to create ways to meet new people and things like that, and be able to get involved in being able to travel and get around to meet people. And being able to build bridges, taking action.

I also soon realized that because I’m still working the day job, I was limited on the amount of time that I’d be able to do. But since I had a clear plan, and wanted to be able to connect to people on both sides of the pond, just like I wanted to be able to finish those 18 holes of golf, I was able to continue to move through. Just like you can move through once you have a very clear plan, right?

Because nowadays when I look at it, I’ve been able to successfully help to I guess raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I’ve been able to connect people. More than the money is being able to help to connect people, helping them to get to their goals and their dreams by investing in cash flowing assets, which is something that I had never thought about before. Also, being able to help teach other people about the things that I’ve been able to learn.

So, it’s really about being able to take action, about going out and taking some risks, putting yourself out there. Finding the right people that have the type of swing you’re looking for, or have the type of opportunities that you’re looking for. It’s really going out there, that’s how you do it. Or connecting with people that are already in the space of syndication that you want. And once again, the syndication is where people are coming together, putting their money together to be able to go out and buy larger type of assets. And then being able to share the goods that come from those assets.

So, that’s really how you do it. It’s no different than having a goal, going out and playing 18 holes of golf. You give yourself a goal that you want to go out, and you want to begin to meet people that are in this real estate syndication space. And it’s starting to connect. I mean people like me, I’d be happy to connect you with other people. I’d be happy to get on the phone and talk to you about what it is that you’d like to be able to achieve through investing in cash flowing assets.

So, happy to share my experience basically. So, listen, that’s a little bit about how you can actually go out and become involved in a real estate syndication. The other thing that I would also say is just like it takes a number of hours to go out and play 18 holes of golf, you definitely want to spend your time getting to know anyone that you would potential look to be a partner with, or place your capital. Make sure that the relationship takes the amount of time that it needs to take before you move any further. That’s another one of the things that I would say, is every relationship does take time. And you should definitely make sure you take the time to develop the relationship in the amount of time that it takes for you to be comfortable.

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