Strange title, huh?

Well, it has to do with the tale of two friends and how it’s better to think and take action than think and sit back doing nothing.

Truth is that if you intend to get to your educational and investment goals there is no other way than by jumping in with both feet and taking action.

But what about my friends, you ask… and what do they have to do with $50K vs. $500?

To make $50K means you have to take action and take a few calculated risks… like one set of friends I’ll tell you about in a minute. To make $500 you just have to keep doing what you’re doing, go to work every day for at least 8 hours a day, fight traffic to your job and back, and stick your money into your savings and retirement plan. (The latter doesn’t appeal to me, and that’s where the story I’ll share with you about another set of friends comes in.)

Let me back up…

Recently I caught up with a friend who’s from Latin America. We had chatted a few times over the past couple of years and he wasn’t ready to invest YET with me, but rather he wanted to invest in a retail operation. So that’s what he and his wife did. It didn’t make me sad that they weren’t going to invest in my properties at this time. On the contrary. I’m really happy for them, because they took action. They moved toward a stated goal.

These friends made a plan and took steps toward doing what they said they wanted to do. They opened the business, and that’s really cool! It has been a fantastic learning experience.

They were grateful for the time I spent with them explaining what I do as an investor; I was grateful to them for giving me their time and attention. I wished them well and cheered them on. (That’s what friends do when they see friends taking action steps.)

Long story short, their investment didn’t work out as they had planned and my friends will be pulling the plug in 2017. But here’s the deal… they did it. They took action!!

That is to be applauded big time.

This couple learned a lot over the course of this past year and they won’t make the mistakes they made in that type of investment again. I don’t know if they’ll actually invest in another retail operation or with me at any point, but that doesn’t matter. I just want for them all the happiness in the world in the New Year and always.

Conversely, I have friends, another couple, who are continuing to think about taking action sometime in the future.

They continue to work their day jobs and are putting money into their savings account every pay period. But if you look at what’s happening with inflation and the economy, their money is not working for them. Let’s call it lazy money. It sits around in a comfy bank somewhere earning 0.50% interest and it’s producing almost no cashflow whatsoever when it could be earning a good chunk of change for its owners.

This news of my friends continuing to work and collecting pay checks… and not doing anything with the money… bothers me so much that I did a quick video on this topic. After all, this is not an uncommon practice; lots of people do exactly the same thing. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the livestream, take a look now…



Creating cashflow is fun… and helps you save for retirement.

It’s clear to me that these friends could stand to play the Cashflow game with me more often. Then they might see that what they are doing is actually what happens on the game board when you don’t take action. For example, when you keep passing up the opportunity cards that the game presents to you with different investment plays at almost every turn.

I’ve seen this happen my games. Once in a while I’ll have a player who just keeps collecting paychecks, never does a deal, doesn’t work with the other players to do larger deals and never ever gets out of the inner circle that in the game is called the Rat Race.

The really great thing about playing this game is that what happens on the board really does happen in life… if you choose to participate in deals.




It’s kind of like a hamster wheel if you think about it.

Sure, you get a lot of exercise, but in the end you’re just tired of going around and around. You’re worn out and you keep wondering why the other people have way more cheese than you do!! It’s better to get off the wheel, out of the Rat Race and onto the fast track in the game and in real life.

The really great thing about playing this game is that what happens on the board really does happen in life… if you choose to participate in deals. That takes the openness to work with others in their deals sometimes, or you can do things on your own. Either way, the point is to invest in properties that will bring returns in various ways:





The first and last of these four are my favorites! (The game teaches you about these categories of returns, too.)

I’ve written about my Cashflow games on this blog before. There’s a pretty good two-part series on the topic, too. And I have a page dedicated to my upcoming events, including my Cashflow games that I run in both English and Spanish.


If you’re in my area you can join me, but if you’re not and you have questions about investing in real estate or want to know why I invest in the U.S. when I live and work in Barcelona, you can still get answers.
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