Do you need some help on setting goals for the New Year? On this video, I’m going to tell you how to set your goals for the New Year.

I guess, that’s all the rage right now: everybody’s thinking about what can I do? How do I go out and set my goals? Et cetera, Et cetera, Et cetera. And after having worked in the sales environment for over 20 some odd years, there’re a couple things that I realized that are absolutely key whenever you are getting ready to start a new cycle.

Typically, that’s going to be at the beginning of the new year, and there’re five things in particular that I know can help you to go out and set really, really strong, attainable goals for yourself for the year.

The very first thing that’s important to realize for you is, you need to be super clear on why you’re setting the goal. I’ve always said over and over that when you’re clear on your ‘why’ it really provides you with massive power, and it gives you power for two things, particularly: number one, to decide on the goals or the dreams that are most important for you. And secondly is to act on those goals. So, you need to be really clear on why you’re setting out whatever goal you’re setting for yourself. It’s going to give you power to both decide on what to do, and then most importantly, on how to act.

Afterwards, once you start out with that goal, one of the areas where I see people have issues is in not being specific about the goal. So, the second thing I would say is, you need to be very specific about what the goal is once you have that clarity. And just to give you an example, imagine somebody you’re saying to yourself, you want to go out and you want to lose weight, right? That’s a classic one. Well, if you just want to lose weight this year, well, how about you want to lose X number of pounds or kilos, and you want to do that by the 31st of March, and you’re going to build a plan. So, you’re very specific on the amount of weight that you want to lose, and the specific time frame, right? And so, the more specific you can be, at least that way, you can check and see where you are against your goal. So, I would say specificity or being specific is the second most important thing as it relates to coming up with your goals.

Afterwards, and this is something that I’ve always done, actually even have a piece of paper around here just to give you a visual, but you need to write your goals down, right? Once you are understanding what that goal is, and why you want it, you’re being specific about what it is, write it down: write the goal down, and the reason I say that is, you want it to be visual: constant reminders of the goals that you’ve set out for yourself because that’s going to help you to reinforce why you thought this goal was important to you, why it’s so specific and you’re getting constant reminders of what that goal is. When you write things down, things have a much better potential of getting done, so that’s the third thing, is to write it down.

Afterwards, when I think about milestones, that’s the fourth thing that I would say, and I’ll go back to the losing weight example, let’s say that you want to lose weight, and rather than March, well, we’ll use the same, by March 31, one of the things that you can do rather than waiting all the way until the very end is giving yourself some very realistic checkpoints, so maybe you’re checking in with yourself once a week, and a lot of times, you may stand on the scale or you may have a checkpoint in another way, but rather than waiting for a long time, give yourself chances to have very quick wins and check in with yourself to understand. So, milestones or checkpoints, I’d say, are the fourth way or the fourth point that you want to use to be able to set your goals.

When you write things down, things have a much better potential of getting done.  – Tweet  

And then lastly, and this is something that I don’t really see a lot of people doing, but it’s one of the things that has helped me over and over, not just to set the goals but also to be able to help to make sure that I’m attaining goals, and that’s to go out and find, and I’ve talked about this before, to find an accountability partner because that accountability partner can not only help you in terms of helping you to set the goal, but also helping to support you along the way as you move towards achieving the goal, right? And one of the things, and maybe I’ll come back just on the specificity, when you have very specific goals that are, I like to say and I’ve always learned this in the corporate world, they’re SMART goals, right? They’re Specific, they’re Measurable, they’re Attainable or Achievable, they are Realistic or Relevant, as well as being Time Bound. So, in terms of specificity, that’s one of the things that I also recommend, and your accountability partner can help you with that.

So, just a really quick recap on some of the ways on how you can go out and set goals for yourself for this new year: Number one, making sure that you’re very clear on why you’re setting the goal. Number two,  that you’re very specific, and as I mentioned it before, you can create SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, as well as Time Bound. After that, make sure that you write them down, keep them very, very visible for yourself, so that you can even see them at work, at home just to help to reinforce the message.

Afterwards, you want to make sure that you have specific milestones, so you can have wins along the way. And then lastly, the accountability partner.

So, I’m really hoping that these five points will help you, they’ve helped me for a long time, and most importantly, I like to leave you with my question of the day:

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