How much time do you spend with your loved ones?

Maybe you put in long hours at work every day and by the time you get home you’re really too tired to do much more than eat, watch a bit of TV and hit the sack.

If that’s how you’re living, take a breath and keep reading.

While I also put in a lot of hours in my work, I make sure that work isn’t my primary focus. Don’t get me wrong… I am really good at what I do in my corporate life and my real estate side of life, but I have my priorities straight maybe because growing up I had great role models in my parents.  Although they were always so busy working multiple jobs to put food on the table they found time to spend with us but they wished they would’ve had even more.



Taking time away with my wife and kids is something I will always find time to do. I created a life that allows me to do just that.

Fortunately I live in a gorgeous part of the world, and we can take trips to the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France… and all sorts of places. Man, talk about feeling blessed!!

Plus, the benefits to my children are monumental.

Statistics reveal that those who travel in childhood tend to have more open minds, because they get to experience different cultures and are introduced to all sorts of people. This in turn should give them better communication skills.

Because I want that experience for my kids, we do a lot of small trips. Again, where I live it’s pretty easy to find beauty on these road trips not far from home.

For example, take a look at the following video. It’s something I did while on a trip to the Pyrenees Mountains. Give it your attention for a few short minutes. It’s not long. In it I share with you my thoughts about traveling while earning a living. It is possible!!


So, How Can You Travel AND Earn Income Simultaneously?

For me, sometimes it’s a juggling act, but it’s one I happily do.

Until I leave my leadership role at a large company where I’m happy to report I get to take time off every couple of months, I’ll be leading a double-life as a corporate guy and real estate investor.



Because I have teams in place in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I love to buy properties I get to enjoy a wonderfully free lifestyle. I’m free to travel, to not worry (because I know my team is handling property management issues for me and reporting to me weekly), to spend time with my boys that are growing up way to quickly, and with my beautiful wife Blanca. (She is a very talented and loving Godsend, and I adore spending time with her.)

Because I have feet on the street in Charlotte who are always looking for my next property, I don’t have to worry about putting that search ahead of my family time. While I am very involved in the process, I have come to see that my team is great at what they do! I can rely on them to find properties that match my criteria, and that I can send someone to walk the properties and take pictures and video for me.

What Happens Once I Find a Property?

When we find the right property, I step in and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. (I love that part.)

In this way I can make sure that my investors will get great returns and I will be able to earn a solid income in the form of cashflow every month.

Right now, I’m negotiating on a 50+ unit apartment building. Admittedly, I am pretty excited. A few investors are interested in backing the deal, and I’m grateful.

Once this deal is sealed, it will free my time up even more, which means more travel and more time spent where it should be… with my children and my wife. (I’ll also be traveling to Charlotte a lot more.)

If you want to learn how all of this works, let’s schedule a call.


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