This article is meant for corporate soldiers and management professionals like me who work every day in a big company. The difference between me and you is that I no longer depend on making big sales in my corporate job to earn my living, and that’s what I want for you… to be able to step away from your job one day because your income from your day job isn’t what you depend on for your livelihood.

Just like me, I want you to learn how to create different streams of income by making educated choices. One such choice is investing in real estate.

You see, the money I earn at my job isn’t exactly secondary, but it is not my only form of income either, which opens so many more doors to a better, less stressful life than I ever thought possible.

Again, that’s what I want for you. (But it takes a willingness to learn and do some research on your part.)

As you probably know if you’ve been following me for any length of time, I like to create short videos to go with the topics of my articles. This time is no different. It is a little longer than I normally give you, but if you have about 9 minutes it is well worth your time to watch.

Even if you are not a corporate soldier, the information translates to literally any business or entrepreneurial endeavor. Give it a chance:

Why this topic?

One of the conversations I have a lot… almost every day lately… is the difference between 9-to-5 income and the income that can be earned from investing in real estate.

Hey, it’s an interesting conversation!

People in the corporate world talk to me about what I’m doing because they realize they have two choices:

  1. They can keep working into their retirement years and know they can’t count on a good experience in retirement because they don’t know what the euro (because I’m in Europe) will be worth at that time, OR…
  2. They can take a more active approach and create the retirement they want.

My friend and the recruiter… a story of good decision-making.

Recently, a friend told me about receiving a call from a recruiter. 

You might think he would jump on the opportunity but he didn’t.

That’s because he has been talking to me about investing, retirement goals, what he really wants beyond working every day of his life, and what that might look like if he doesn’t invest today for a more comfortable life later.

The truth is that he can keep on being a corporate employee who earns a paycheck and build a savings account for his retirement or he can create new sources of income. He chose the latter.


My friend did his homework, so by the time he received the recruiter’s call he knew his options and knew where he wanted to invest his money. He no longer had to chase the almighty euro, because he was creating his own streams of income through his investments.

In the end, even though the recruiter made the new job sound great and my friend would earn a bit more pre-tax income, he was able to make a rational decision and stay in his current job. (I’m sure the recruiter was disappointed because he wouldn’t be making a commission on my friend switching jobs.)

Simply, what happened is my friend had a mindset shift!

He is making decisions on his terms and creating his own options, because he knows he is no longer working for just that one stream of income from his J.O.B. He is earning income from his real estate investments. As a result, he sleeps better at night knowing his future and the future of his family is far more secure than it ever was before.

I have to add here that I am very proud of my friend!

So, where should you invest?

As you know, I love investing in U.S. real estate.

There are obvious reasons, but one of the biggest is the strength of the euro… or lack thereof. If you live in Europe, you know that the euro can be incredibly unstable. Plus, there are lots of prohibitive laws and rules that make investing in Europe less attractive than investing in the United States.

I wrote a few articles on the topic.

Here are three:


If you read these pieces already, you know that I did a great deal of research before choosing Charlotte, North Carolina, as my favorite place in which to invest. I did demographic studies, asked lots of questions, ran the stats… all the things I do in my corporate job when determining the best course of action.

That’s what I suggest you do, too.

If Charlotte sounds good to you, contact me. Let’s talk. But if there is another area that seems a better fit for you, by all means go for it! I can certainly walk you through all you need to know. Again, contact me. Let’s talk.

Even before that step, if you want to know how my friend and I (as well as my investor backers) are earning good returns in our real estate deals, I created an in-depth 4-part video series that gives you the training you need to be able to do the same and to make better decisions… so you can stop chasing the euros or dollars in your day job!

HEADS UP: It will cost you a very small amount of money.

Like I say in the video above, it’s more symbolic of an investment in yourself… and if you can afford two cappuccinos, you can afford this. (That’s a hint to how low-cost this excellent training is.)



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