Are you tired of juggling?

You know… keeping all those balls in the air as you work, work, work to pay the bills.

Not to mention juggling family time with getting all that work done, right? It is absolutely exhausting!

So why do you keep doing it? (I think I know, but you can tell me I’m wrong.)

You lack clarity, which is the ONE sure thing you need before you can give up the juggling act and let all those balls drop to the floor. You really want to focus on just one or two primary goals?  Get clear on what you want and the steps you’ll take to get there.  – Tweet  

This is something that became crystal clear to me during a coaching call I had recently. The man I was chatting with has extreme clarity on his WHY and what he needs to do to make his dreams a reality.

I was so taken by our conversation that I created a short video that I sincerely hope helps you move forward (and stop juggling so hard in your life). Give the video your attention for about 8 minutes:

Clarity leads to power!

As you saw in the video, the guy I talk about who is very clear on his goals gets up every single day at 5 a.m. Do you have the dedication to do that?

If not, why not?

You may very well lack clarity.

I’m sure you may have heard this before, but there’s something I learned once about clarity from a mentor. He said that  CLARITY gives you the POWER to make DECISIONS  – Tweet   so you can TAKE ACTIONS that get you to your goals more quickly.

It’s true.

Once you have the clarity of your vision and you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, you suddenly give yourself permission to move forward. That’s true power!

With that power, you will decide to take action. That could be DECIDING to get up really early so you can get more done in a day. During that time you will take the actions you need to take to get to your success goals.

There’s no big secret to the “formula” for success.  – Tweet  

It’s simply deciding to do what is necessary today and every day to get to your goals tomorrow and way down the road.

That includes saying NO more often.

Decide to say NO and Open New Doors!

Say NO more often and see what happens.  – Tweet  

It may seem weird, but when you  stop saying “yes” to every request  – Tweet  , you leave more room for the better things in life.

Hey, we all do it.

We say “yes” more often than we want; we feel resentful sometimes because we actually don’t want to do all we said we would. If that describes how you feel, guess what? Your fault entirely.

While it may be hard at first, start saying “no” to more people, especially when they’re people you work with and are used to helping. But it is absolutely necessary if you want to stop juggling so hard!

Maybe you can start with a small change. For example,  what’s your morning ritual?  – Tweet  

Do you have one?

The guy I was on the call with does; I do… starting my day very early every morning and putting in time meditating. In fact, this is what helps keep me calm through my toughest days!

I can’t stress how important establishing a morning ritual is to your success. That’s something I devoted a little time to in a livestream not too long ago. Then I uploaded it to YouTube. There’s a bit of a rough start to this, but hang with it:

Visualizing should be part of your morning ritual!

Again, this is no ancient secret, but If you can dream it you can accomplish it – Tweet  – Tweet  … whatever that “it” happens to be.

When I meditate every morning, I get more clarity on my vision and I visualize the steps I need to go through to make my goals happen.

It’s something I enjoy doing, because it helps me gain control over literally any situation that may come my way later in the day.  I’m a big believer in getting quiet and looking  – Tweet   inward if it’s just for a few short minutes daily.

The more time you spend visualizing the steps involved in attaining your success goals the better!

If you don’t believe in visualization, take a walk. Look around.  – Tweet   Look up. Look down. What exactly do you see? Buildings, bridges, roads, vehicles, sculptures, stores, clothes people are wearing, parks and a whole lot of other things.

Where did all these things come from if someone somewhere at some point hadn’t first visualized them? The idea sprang forth in their minds’ eye and then they created a plan. That means the steps to get to what they saw in their heads.

Nowhere did this concept come to me so clearly than when I visited New York City. I was so moved by everything I saw… that human beings had accomplished… that I shot a very quick video. Take a look:

In the end, we are each culpable for our actions and our inactions.

We can blame no one but ourselves if we aren’t where we want to be  – Tweet   in life, if we hate our job, if we feel overworked and put upon by other people, and if we don’t set goals and then take the action steps necessary to help us reach them.

Sometimes it takes a coach or mentor to open our eyes to the possibilities and give us the support and answers we need to get over the excuses we make that hold us back from our success goals. If I can be that person for you, let me know.

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