Build Your Real Estate investment Dream Team.

In the conversation with today’s guest, Sep Bekam, you’ll learn the following:

  • Sep’s life journey and lessons learned on the way to becoming an expert in real estate investment [02:27 – 08:33]
  • Why Sep went for Going Long investment over investing close to home: There was a limit to opportunities in the local area, so it made financial and practical sense to invest further afield. [08:33 – 11:34]
  • What a turnkey provider is, why they are sought after, what some of the pitfalls are to turnkey investments, and how having a strong team can help navigate those pitfalls. [11:43 – 14:49]
  • The importance of knowing the real numbers of income and expenses, and how the right team can help keep the scales balanced and ensure that your investment doesn’t fail . [14:49-17:28]
  • The secrets behind assembling a perfect investment team, including making sure your property management company is making money, and that you can trust all parties. [17:53 – 24:41]
  • The key members and roles that make up a successful investment team. [24:58 -27:17]
  • How technology is leveraged as part of an effective system, and the benefits of working in syndication over going it alone. [27:17 – 30:55]
  • What markets and locations Sep’s company, Bekam Investment Group, are investing in, and what drives that choice making process. [31:11 – 34:17]
  • The special changes Sep has made to adapt to the COVID situation. [35:48 – 37:28]

Here’s what Sep shared with us during today’s conversation:

  • He lives in Orange County
  • He has realised it is worth learning from the mistakes made from investing in problem areas, but to not give up on investing in similar areas in future.
  • Book recommendation: The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin

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