How You Can Deploy Capital With A Perfect Team

In the conversation with today’s guest, Victor Menasce, you’ll learn the following:

  • [00:52 – 01:36] Victor’s profile, in Billy’s guest introduction
  • [01:36 – 04:11] The life journey Victor took on his way to becoming a successful real estate investor.
  • [04:11 – 07:06] Why Victor made the decision to make the move into the world of real estate investment at the particular time that he did.
  • [07:21 – 11:02] The lowdown on assembling and working with high performance teams.
  • [11:13 – 14:12] Where Victor’s investment team is active right now, and how Hyper-Local Investment doesn’t just mean 5 minutes down the road.
  • [14:30 -21:11] What Victor means when he refers to “Shoes” in terms of alignment with potential investment opportunities.
  • [22:54 – 29:15 ] How you can re-purpose skills and abilities you have learnt in previous jobs and roles in other industries towards real estate investment.

Here’s what Victor shared with us during today’s conversation:

  • Favourite European City: St.Moritz, Switzerland
  • Victor’s biggest mistakes that he has learned from were having the wrong people in the wrong roles in teams.
  • Book recommendation: The E Myth, by Michael E Gerber

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