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Episode 53: Optimise Your Returns With The Health Formula For Busy Professionals


In the conversation with today’s guest, Buck Joffrey, you’ll learn the following:

  • [00:30 – 02:49] Buck’s profile, in Billy’s guest introduction.
  • [02:49 – 06:23] The backstory and life journey of Buck up to today, in his own words.
  • [06:23 – 10:57] Buck talks in depth about his focus on Real Estate as a business.
  • [10:57 – 16:54] Why Buck was attracted to the idea of getting into the ATM space.
  • [16:54 – 23:26] Buck explains his Wealth Formula.
  • [23:26 – 25:23] The different stages you will go through on the Wealth Formula.
  • [25:23 – 28:04] How Buck gets into the Abundance Mindset.
  • [28:04 – 34:30] What drew Buck to want to help others by educating them about investing and implementing his Wealth Formula through platforms such as his podcast.
  • [34:30 – 36:56] Maximising and balancing time between family life and business.
  • [36:56 – 39:11] The future plans for Buck Joffrey.

Here’s what Buck shared with us during today’s conversation:

  • Where in the world Buck is currently: Montecito, California.
  • Favourite European city: Rome, Italy.
  • The best thing to happen in the past 24hours: Hanging out with the kids at a birthday party and spending some quality time!
  • A mistake Buck would like you to learn from so you don’t have to pay full price for it: Don’t become a Single Point Failure Machine – don’t rely on one thing that will leave you with nothing if it fails.
  • Book Recommendation: Cashflow Quadrant, by Robert Kiyosaki.

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