So, you have a lot more time on your hands these days because of the coronavirus pandemic, or maybe you’re just procrastinating and want to get more things done. This week, I’m going to share five productivity tips with you.

First, you must consider your priorities. More importantly, think about why you consider these to be your priorities. When you’re very clear on why you’re prioritizing certain tasks, it will allow you to stay focused and get more done.


Once your priorities are set, you need to come up with a clear goal. The priorities give you the general direction, but goals are much more specific. This will tell you what you want to get done in a specific amount of time, such as learning a new skill. This is where the rubber starts to meet the road because it’ll allow you to take concrete action.


My third tip is to start blocking time off to complete a goal. This has been one of the best priority boosters I have ever experienced in my life. I’ve recommended this book before, but definitely read Deep Work by Cal Newport. It will help you understand how to block time and move forward at a faster pace. As an example, I use the Pomodoro Technique. This is where you block out 25 minutes with five-minute gaps for a break. This is incredibly helpful and makes it easier to complete your work at a faster pace.

Once you go through your time block, such as four increments of 25 minutes, you can set yourself a reward because you’ve completed your task. If you don’t complete your task, then you can have some kind of consequence so there’s another motivation to help you. It’s the carrot and the stick.

The fifth and final productivity tip is something a lot of people forget to do. I don’t want that to be the case for you because I want you to become a productivity master. It’s important to sit down and take account of what you complete and how you have used your time. This is about analyzing and reviewing what you’ve done. Once you do this, you can understand how to repeat what worked and become more productive. Even better, you can see where you got sidetracked and minimize that for next time.

By putting these five steps into practice, it’s helped me become more productive and focus on my corporate job and building my own business at the same time.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Billy Keels with KeePon Cashflow. I like to share a number of different strategies and tips for how you can make more money, have control over your free time, and ultimately live with less stress.

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That’s my two cents for today. As always, hasta la próxima.

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