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Top 10 Metrics for Real Estate investors


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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Charlotte, North Carolina


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The 401k Fallout

This video helped me to open my eyes to what is really happening with my ‘retirement plan.’ It made me wake up and actually make sure that I do have a plan and that I’m working on it.

Motivation, Success, Greatness. Will Smith.

Even superstars like Will Smith are relentless about the amount of work/hours/focus that they put in to get the job done!

Why I Hate School But Love Education. Suli Breaks.

Education is the key! Don’t just go through the motions; do the work. It will pay off.

You Have to Jump. Steve Harvey.

When I came across this video and it made me realize that I’m in love with the process and that I’m must continue to work every day in order to achieve the goals I want to achieve.

Why the whole banking system is a scam. Godfrey Bloom.

Fractional Reserve Banking….I saw this video shortly after I read The Creature from Jekyll Island and it served as a reminder that everyone should keep their eyes and minds open to learning and taking in new perspectives.

ET Speaks to Wolfpack Football.

Do not fear the unknown! There is a time when we all must “jump” if we want to achieve our goals.

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Anything and everything that I need to know about currency and investing… this is the first place I stop when I don’t know! Invaluable!


I love going here to catch up on business, technology and investing.


The podcast gets people to the website and the activity on this community really inspires me to keep on taking action and moving closer to my dreams.


This is another great place to come up with news from around the world.

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