So you want to know why you would spend your time and money investing in attending a real estate investment seminar? In this article and video, I’m going to give you my top three reasons for doing just that.

Why in the world would you go to a real estate investment seminar? If you think it’s all about running to the back of the room and buying books, courses, and signing up for expensive coaching programs, then you need to finish this article because I have some other insights for you.

I want to share my experience with you because, once again, you all know I live in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve taken the time, energy, and money to fly to the United States to hang out and see some of these real estate investment seminars that are focused on multi-family investing. I love investing and helping my investors capitalize on multi-family properties. They’re getting bigger and bigger. We’re really excited about that and our investors are excited about that as well. But there are three main reasons why I’m going to continue investing time and energy into these types of events, and I want to share them with you now.  My number one reason is ongoing education. There is nothing better than being able to invest in yourself because at the end of the day, if everybody takes every single thing away from you, what you have left is your intellectual capital.

Another reason why I like to go to these type of events is to get new insights. In terms of being a multi-family investor, there’s always something new that I can learn as it relates to the multi-family real estate investing market. What are some of the different trends? What are some of the different opportunities that may exist? What are some of the challenges others are facing, whether that’s in a specific location or other places? Having the opportunity to get more education and be able to take action on that education is absolutely invaluable.


When I think about another one of the reasons I go to these types of events, it is really about meeting people and extending my network. I love working through and using all of the different online tools that are available. That’s one of the reasons it’s helped me to connect with you. It’s also one of the reasons it’s helped me to grow my investment business. However, there’s just nothing like actually sitting down and meeting with someone face to face. Getting a chance to have breakfast together or having a discussion while you’re on the bus together, or just meeting in the hallway having a coffee.

I’ve met people from all over the world, from Australia and different parts of the United States. Just a couple weeks ago in Dallas, I met someone from Colombia and someone from Venezuela. You get a chance to meet people from all over the world and build quality time with them. That is just phenomenal. Meeting people and building networks is something that is, I think, one of the most invaluable parts of these types of events.

The third reason is that is that you have opportunities as you develop relationships. There are going to be people you get along with at these conferences, and there are other people that you may meet that you don’t really do anything else with. But the idea is, eventually, you may have opportunities to collaborate with one another, or do business together, or maybe you find out about an opportunity with someone in a market or location you’re not in.


Let’s say you have a 250-unit apartment building that comes in and it’s in Tucson, Arizona. I may get this opportunity, but I’ve met someone who was really focused on Tucson. There’s an opportunity for me to help a person I met. I’m helping them build their business.

Or maybe even there’s a chance to collaborate with other businesses. That’s always fun because as you are getting out of your comfort zone, you’re meeting people, you’re getting educated. You’re building new relationships and those relationships will last. Then, ultimately, if you can go out and work together, collaborate, win, and make money together, that’s a pretty amazing opportunity. Like, the trifecta. Maybe that’s what I’ll call it. But that’s why I’ve decided to put a budget together to be able to do more of this going forward. And it’s one of the reasons I think these seminars can be great opportunities.

Of course, when you go to one of these seminars, they’re going to sell you their program. It’s up to you whether or not that makes sense for you and your business. But I don’t think you should be offended if somebody’s doing that. It’s great because they’re giving you an opportunity to become a part of their network. That’s normal. That’s the trifecta.

If you think about attending an investment camp or weekend, those are the top three benefits that I’ve found. It’s really great for education. It’s great for meeting people and building your network, and ultimately helping you to collaborate and potentially do business together for quite a long time.

I’d love to know what you think about it. Tell me if none of these work for you. Or maybe they all work for you? Maybe you hadn’t thought about it. Why don’t you do me a favor and leave your comments in the section below in the video and tell me what one of your reasons for going would be. Or tell me if you’ve already gone. Does this resonate with you? A lot of you have also been asking me more and more about this thing that we’ve put out recently. So, if you’re interested, you can also find out about me and my experience helping you to achieve your goals. I’m working a corporate job in Europe and investing in real estate back in the United States. I’ve even written up a FREE eBook for you.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I look forward to hearing your comments and interacting with you.

This is Billy Keels. This is my two cents for today. And as always, Hasta la Próxima!

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