Recently a colleague asked me if I have a morning ritual that helps me move myself toward the feeling of success every day.

The answer is YES.

After all, if you can win your morning you can win your day!

In fact, I do 3 things EVERY DAY, which is my morning ritual. Here’s what I do:

Work on my MIND with meditation for 15 minutes,

Work on my BODY with 3 days of cardio per week, and

SPEND TIME with my family (breakfast with my boys and wife before leaving for the morning).

By accomplishing these 3 things in the morning I get into the right mindset to win my morning which leads to me winning my day! If you

This is exactly what I talked about recently in a PERISCOPE session. If you missed it, please go take a look now:




The really neat thing about this livestream is that I had 196 live viewers, which makes me smile even now. It’s one of my goals to grow that base of followers so I can share a whole lot more about how to become more productive.

Another great thing about this particular livestream is that the interactions were very positive. Plus, I love that I’m really building bridges now, connecting people between Spain and the USA! That’s my primary goal, BTW, in case you haven’t read my eBook or any of my other articles on this site.

If you want my eBook at no cost whatsoever, click this link.

Livestreaming Brings Worlds Together!

There something really great about livestreaming. It brings awesome, likeminded people together from all over the globe. It is truly a global community!

Again, because my main goal is to bring individuals in different countries together so I can help people learn about long-distance investing, which is what I do. Though I live and work in Barcelona I have properties on the east coast and now I’m looking at other states. (I do a lot of research to find the right places in which to invest.)

During this recent SCOPE, I had viewers in: Spain; Trinidad; Rochester, NY; Oklahoma; and other exotic places. What can I say, except that it was really cool!

But this isn’t the only livestream I’ve done.

Here’s a really good one I recently did, too, where I got a lot of great interactions!!




In this livestream I talk about my WHY and finding your WHY!!

What’s funny is that I inspired myself during this session. What I got accomplished after doing this livestream was in a word… A LOT!!

While I have covered this topic before in articles and in my eBook, it was really fun to talk to my followers in this livestream. You know what makes it even more fun? It’s not just sharing my vision, goals and journey; it’s also about all those pretty hearts!!

Seriously… the hearts make me feel like people want to learn from me, which is one of the biggest compliments one can receive.

The questions that come in are really good, and since I have a forum through which to answer them that makes me feel even better… and a whole lot more grateful.

In this livestream I mention the Cashflow games I run in Barcelona. If you’re in the area, please join me. I’ve set up two Meetup groups, one for games I host in Spanish and one in English!!

You’ll find a link to my next Cashflow game here:

Maybe I’ll see you there!

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Plus, you can add reading the book (and other books on business, real estate investing and entrepreneurship) into your morning ritual…

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