So, you want to be a millionaire?

You want to live like one?

What would that look like… just lazing around all day doing whatever you feel like doing, spending money like there’s no tomorrow, not having much of a plan?

I’m here to tell you that is the wrong way to at millionaires and the wrong way to look at spending your money. While having lots of it would certainly make life a little easier, if you don’t manage your money well, you could easily end up as many once-wealthy people do… as a pauper!!

This is particularly true of athletes who may be enjoying huge paydays and tons of fame. Some of them are headed for trouble as they drive fast cars, date gorgeous models, cover themselves in bling…  because one day it can suddenly come to an abrupt halt.

For example, they get injured or they are retired. They won’t have much say over that last one.

Every athlete eventually ages out of their profession, and if they spent wildly and lived lavishly… or in some cases gave their money to family members at every turn… they have nothing at the end of it.

I started thinking about that sad truth and this video is the result:


True millionaires PLAN for the future.

If you listen to the Warren Buffets and Bill Gates of the world, you don’t hear how they live lavishly. Sure, they live in big homes and can afford the best the world has to offer, but it doesn’t mean they do. In fact, they may be a lot more frugal than you think!

Truth is, you don’t hear much about how they live. We make assumptions based on what we see them do in the news, but they are fairly private people. The stay within their circles of the truly wealthy.

They also give to charities in a big way, yet don’t talk a whole lot about it.

Most important, the truly wealthy have a plan and they stick to that plan. If you’re going to live like a millionaire or even a billionaire, replicate that part. Have a plan:

  • How will you earn your first million?
  • How will you keep earning great income?
  • How will you put that money to work for you so one day you can retire without worrying about running out of money or outliving your money?
  • What will you spend your money on – will it be doo-dads you don’t need or will it be on necessities with a few fun things on the side?
  • Will you handle your own bookkeeping or let a professional do it?
  • What other professionals will you hire to keep you on track?
  • How will you protect all your assets now and far into the distant future?
  • How will you scale your real estate investing business… or any other business you’re getting into now?

That’s just a start of the questions you should be asking yourself.

To keep your wealth you can’t spend like a lottery winner.

Did you know that an estimated 70% of lottery winners end up broke within about 5 years of hitting their big winnings?!

Crazy, huh?

That’s because they didn’t know what to do with all that money. They weren’t used to it. They weren’t properly prepared to manage it. They threw it around like it was water on a super-hot day. (And it evaporate.) Here’s an interesting article I found on the topic:

The point to the article is simple…

You can blow through money really, really fast if you don’t have a plan, work the plan, put money to the side in smart ways and, most important, invest wisely. While it might be fun in your mind to go buy your loved ones expensive jewelry and cars, or take dates out on the town in truly lavish fashion, it’s not realistic if you intend to have money that will not just last for the rest of your life but into the lives of your children and grandchildren. 

It’s far better to invest your money into something that will give you returns month after month, year after year. You can’t convince me that the best investment won’t ALWAYS be real estate. In fact, that is the single thing that every wealthy person in the world has in common. If you can find me an individual of wealth who doesn’t invest in real estate, I’d be shocked. (I’m all ears if you can though.)

Want to know MY plan?

My plan is simple… to keep investing in multifamily properties that give proven returns to my investors and to me. These properties also bring good things to the tenants who reside in them. That’s because I care to buy properties that I can turn into great living experiences. I can do that because I understand my tenants!

Invest your money into something that will give you returns month after month


On that note, recently something exciting happened.

It has to do with my plan; I took another step forward in it as I am closing on a unique property that I can expand and change a little here and there to allow me to try new strategies. It’s a cool mobile home park!!

I’m very thankful, but it didn’t come without putting in the hard work and time that I have over the past three years. It wasn’t “luck.” I have been prepared when this opportunity presented itself!!

However, there’s no way I would have made it to this point if I hadn’t put my plan down on paper, worked the plan by taking the necessary steps, taken the right education, gotten the best mentoring I could find, and if I hadn’t taken action.

Talk about taking action, if you’re serious about learning to be a real estate investor so your income can keep flowing in passively… or if you’ve always wanted to participate in a transaction but didn’t know how… or if you want to just chat about real estate or entrepreneurial ideas… do this one thing right now:


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