What if one day you woke up and everything had changed?

For example, you turn on the news and learn that your country had severed ties with the European Union. Even if it didn’t come as a surprise, it’s still a shock. You’d be thinking, uh-oh, now what?!

That’s what happened to the people of the UK with the BREXIT, and it’s been a wild ride.

The decision plunged the world market into havoc.

It was the first time that any country has taken their marbles and gone home like this. The UK was simply done playing. They left the bloc.

In short and without getting very deep into the politics involved, the UK decided they’d be better off going it alone vs. staying in an organization that has obvious problems.

They don’t want such open borders; they don’t want to deal with the fallout that comes with open borders. They want their freedoms, but feel blocked by being a part of, well, the bloc.

Here’s a good article that explains the details if you’re a little hazy on this heavy issue:


Admittedly, I had to read up on BREXIT because I don’t spend a lot of time watching or listening to the news. (I learned a long time ago that to be productive means turning of the television.)

What I learned from my research is astounding. There are just so many opinions from all sides that’s it’s hard to predict what will happen next.

“They” are wondering out loud if this event will cause a domino effect.

Will more countries follow the UK’s lead?

I’m not passing judgment on whether the UK’s decision to exit was right or wrong; I certainly understand that reasons and the massive emotions involved.

The long and short of it is that during times of such major political and economic turmoil is that a lot of hard-working people all across Europe and Spain who don’t get a voice ended up losing bucket loads of money… like those who invest in the stock market.

Case in point, IBEXX dropped 10% two Fridays ago.

As the saying goes, the market doesn’t react well to uncertainty.

Just look at other major socio-economic and political upheavals in the not-too-distant past – think Greece most recently and the US back in 2008.

BREXIT is just another reason for the market to crash or at least take a nose dive.

As further proof that the big, bad BREXIT is playing havoc with the economic climate in Great Britain, I just saw an ad come through my email box from a vacation site that boasted how travel to the UK is cheaper than ever because “the pound in now at a 30-year low,” and now is the time for Americans to head on over. The vacation site is talking about how much further the US dollar will go overseas now vs. the pound as a result of BREXIT.

It really hit me hard, because while I’m an American citizen I reside and work in Barcelona. The UK issue is close to my front door, and I’m feeling bad for the people there right now.

Of course they’ll get through; they’ve faced hard times before.

I started thinking that these same people could be getting a predictable, fixed return over the next several years if only they would think about where they are placing their money.

After all, there is an alternative to investing in the markets.

Like real estate…

No matter what’s going on with the politics and economics of a country, the people will do okay if they invest their hard-earned income in properties that show really healthy returns.

There’s a reason that I say they should invest in real estate.

Everyone needs a place to live, work, play and lay. (That’s something I learned from my main mentor in real estate investing and entrepreneurship.)

What my mentor means by this is that we all need a roof over our heads; that roof costs money. Either we own the roof or we rent it from someone who does.

This includes times of social upheaval.

Beyond housing, we work and play in and on pieces of real estate.

Again, you are one side or the other… Either you’re the landlord that a company pays to use the workspace or you’re renting from the landlord if you’re the company owner.

As for the “play” part, whenever you’re out to eat with family, you head out to the movies or a play for the night, when you’re joining friends at a pub… you’re paying for that fun. And the people who own those businesses are typically paying the owner of the building in which their establishments are located.

When talking about the “lay” part, everyone has a final resting place. I won’t go into it here, but even that involves real estate.

If you want to know more about this subject, I suggest you read my mentor’s book. His name is J. Massey and you can get his book here:


If I’ve learned anything as a seasoned real estate investor and entrepreneur, it is that no matter what’s happening… even during the toughest economic times… you can earn a good income investing in real estate.

Let’s look at the people in the UK for a minute.

If they want to achieve more financial stability, would it be better for them to keep dumping their hard-earned money into the fragile stock market or shoving their money into savings or retirement accounts? Or would it be better for them to take that cash and credit and figure out ways to invest in stable real estate markets?

The latter always wins.

The stock markets are simply too risky. The returns are not good for the average person.

However, the average man or woman can invest alone or with a group of other individuals into an apartment building in a proven market in the US… like North Carolina… and see returns year after year.

This is the type of financial decision-making that brings steady returns you can count on. (Which is what you need when building your nest egg, especially during uncertain times.)

Why did I say “North Carolina”?

Charlotte, North Carolina, is where I’ve chosen to do a lot of investing, because…

Families love that city, so the market is very strong.

I can find plenty of 2-bedroom/1-bath units (just like the families are always looking for).

These units are all the size the families look for, too, which is 900 – 1100 square feet.

It’s a FANTASTIC cashflow market!!

I have two management teams there to handle my properties.

Plus, I have lots of people sourcing me leads there.

It’s a win-win-win all around, and it is really exciting for me to share these opportunities in a strong and proven market with investors!!

I got to thinking… what if the people in the UK knew what they could do with their money by investing on US soil through my company?

It would mean I could help a whole lot of people who could use some steady income and a more certain future right about now.

But then… I can help people all over Europe do the same.


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