Cha… Cha… Cha… Changes…

They are a part of life, but sometimes we need to make a change and don’t.

Recently I was talking to a couple of friends about the changes they told me they want to make. One is making a big change after 13 years at a job. I’m really proud of that friend, but I wonder what took him so long when he hasn’t been happy for a while.

The other friend is not making the change he wants to make yet. I hope he makes a move soon.

I started thinking about it. What makes people who are not happy… dare I say miserable… in their current situation and yet they keep sticking it out? They don’t even take the first step toward making any change. They may really, really want to be doing something different, but they just keep waiting.

Does this ring true for you?

If you’re “waiting” for something to happen “before” you can make the changes you want to make, you might just be waiting for years. And you can look forward to possibly being miserable for years to come. (If that’s your situation.)

One of mentors has a good analogy for this waiting game. He asks about driving and red lights. What if you felt like you couldn’t leave your house until you knew for sure that all the street lights would be green? You would never leave your house.

If that doesn’t make sense, maybe watching this short video will help:


Things will NEVER be perfect, so you won’t have perfection.

Some people think things have to be perfectly aligned before they take any action steps toward a new goal. (Or maybe it’s an old goal that remains un-reached.)

  • I promise nothing is perfect nor will it ever be.
  • Nothing will go exactly as planned, but having a plan is imperative.
  • Things don’t have to be in perfect alignment for you to move forward.


There’s a sure bet that fear is at the root of your staying in the same spot over time. Fear is natural. You just need to push through it. Use it. Let it be your driver.

I approach things a little differently. However, my approach works just fine. I keep moving forward and that’s the point. I’m reaching my goals one at a time. Here’s what I’ve learned you need to get to your goals:

  1. Create a plan – Make sure it is clear and forces you to take action. If you’re comfortable in your current situation, you’re going to have to make sure the steps in your plan are written out so you can see them every day. That will help you take that first step!
  2. Understand the context of the change you want to make – What risks are you willing to take to get to your goal? Be very clear on that point. If you work a corporate job, for example, and you earn a good wage, what are you willing to risk to reach your goal of owning your own business? Are you willing to take a cut in pay? Are you willing to live on the edge for a short time? Are you willing to live on your savings? Or maybe you just want more income. Are you willing to put your retirement savings to work instead of letting them sit in an account earning almost nothing? To some people, that idea is scary and they don’t want to “risk” using that money… even when the returns are way greater.
  3. Make sure you are around people who support you in your new goal – Your environment will trump anything you have on your heart. If the people around you are negative, you won’t get to your goal… or it will be more challenging. If on the other hand you surround yourself with people who will cheer you on, you will likely reach your new goal.

Here are a few more simple rules for creating a new life:

  1. Don’t be afraid to take action.
  2. Don’t be afraid to create a plan.
  3. Don’t be afraid to move forward in that plan.
  4. Don’t wait for things. Go out and get them. (No one owes you anything.)
  5. Don’t wait forever… because nothing will change until you change it.

Where would I be if I had waited?

You can read about my journey on my site. You can watch my progression via all the videos I’ve created. You can clearly see where I began and where I am now in my real estate investing life.

It was a goal I had years ago.

I was afraid to jump in at first, but I pushed myself. I made a plan. I took steps.

Even though it scared me half to death, I did my first deal… while I worked full time. Understand that because I do long-distance investing, this deal was on the east coast of the United States; I live and work in Barcelona.

That property worked out really well for me over time, so I did another deal. It’s going well, too. Today I’m looking for a 50+ unit apartment building in Charlotte, North Carolina, the place I love to invest in the most for many reasons.

Do I experience fear?

Of course I do!

But I don’t let fear stop me from my goals. If I want that alternative lifestyle and life for myself and my family that I see in my head, well, I’m going to have to keep moving forward and taking steps in my plan regardless.

It’s not like I couldn’t just stop what I’m doing and live extremely well in my current lifestyle, but it’s not what I truly want. What I want takes some effort, and that’s what I’m putting in. It’s part of my plan.

I have that plan posted in my office. If I ever need to be reminded, I can always pull up my videos on YouTube, too!

What I’m trying to convey is that if you want something different in your life, do something about it. Stop talking, talking, talking about it. Take your very first step, then another and then another. Soon you will arrive at your goal line… and it will be time to push that goal out to another, bigger goal! That’s how it works in entrepreneurial life.

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