So, you’re trying to figure out exactly what is a real estate syndication? Well, in this video, I’m going to answer just that question coming up.

I guess, before I even get into what is real estate syndication, it is basically a lot of people being able to get together to put their money together to be able to buy something much larger, but I guess I want to even go back, tell you a little bit of a story when I was in high school that’ll maybe help you understand a little bit more.

When I was in high school, I had a number of different jobs, and I worked, and I always had this desire like I wanted this freedom. I wanted to be able to drive my car and go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted. I didn’t want to have to wait for my parents. I also wanted to have that car that was in my name and being able to show it off to my friends. Right? The thing is, even though I was working and I was working really hard and long hours and coming home sweating a lot of times at night and putting all of my money into the piggy bank and then the rest of it into the bank, when it was time for my 16th birthday, I still didn’t have- I only had like 30 percent of what it cost for me to get the car that I wanted, which was this Honda CVCC. Right? It wasn’t even a Civic.


But, fortunately, my parents actually had just as much of a desire to see me get my freedom as I did. They also wanted to be able to have their own freedom because they were picking me up from a lot of track meets and from all of the different social activities or going to friends’ houses, and so the fact of the matter is they wanted some of their freedom so they didn’t have to drive me all over the place. We actually had these common interests. Although I only had 30 percent of the money to buy that car, my parents had the other 70 percent.

Basically, we came together, because our interests were aligned, and we were able to go out and get something that normally I wouldn’t have been able to afford on my own. That gave me the freedom that I was looking for. I could go see my friends when I wanted to. I could continue to work during the day or during the afternoons when I got back home from school, and my parents could actually go and dedicate their time to making sure that we were safe as children and things like that. We both got what we were looking for, and we had to come together to be able to work together. I guess, if you could think about syndication that way, we came together for common interests, and we were able to get a common goal and something that I would not have been able to do on my own without that. But that was just a little bit of a story.

link4But I want to share something else with you because I love listening to lots of podcasts, and I watch a lot of the different videos and things like that. I love listening to people like the real estate guys or even watch a lot or listen to guys like Joe Fairless or Rod Khleif and a number- Michael Blank I like to listen to as well. Buck Joffrey. There’s a lot of different opportunities to hear about syndication, but maybe sometimes, especially for those of you that are in Europe, because there are a lot of you middle managers and multinational employees that are just like me, that are following, and you really want to understand more about what is this whole syndication? What is real estate syndication all about?

I thought, well, aside from just taking in a lot of information, and I mean I’ve done it myself. I’ve gone to an event, the only event I’ve ever been to from a real estate perspective, but you learn a lot about what is syndication from a U.S. perspective, and that’s really cool. But one of the things that I’ve always found to be really interesting is, rather than just learning about it, it’s actually doing it.

Over the next couple of videos, I actually want to talk to you about not only what is real estate syndication; I want to also talk to you about why you may want to be involved in a real estate syndication and then how you would go about doing that. Then, if we get into that, depending on your feedback, may even give you a specific example in a different video.

I guess, when I started thinking about me being in real estate in the very beginning, as most of you know, I got involved in real estate because I wanted to increase my own portfolio, because the only thing I was invested in was the stock market. Just like a lot of people, like a lot of you, I was interested in real estate because I wanted to go out, and I wanted to make more money, and I also wanted to, in the back of my mind, I was like, “I want to be able to quit my job and just do this 100 percent of the time,” so I was really focused on making money and being able to be on my own and do that kind of stuff.

I guess, inside, I was also scared. Like I didn’t have any real estate experience. If things didn’t go right, I mean I was basically looking at my future and my investments, and I was going at it alone. I didn’t have any experience before in terms of investing in real estate whatsoever, and I was going to completely be on my own.


I guess, once I got started, I realized that it was something that I enjoyed and something that I liked, and I think most of you have heard already that I like started to share a lot of the stories with close friends that are here with me in Europe and talking a lot about what was going on, and I quickly realized that, you know what? I was probably going to run out of capital, like running out of money, in order to be able to buy the number of properties that I wanted to be able to do.

I continued to work, and I continued to gain experience, and, through that, I realized that, “Oh. You know what? If I want to continue to grow my portfolio, then I probably need to figure out how I can access more capital. One of the things that I did was, well, put together a plan and figure it out, exactly what I would need to do. I started talking to legal and tax people here in Europe and back in the United States and trying to figure out exactly what was this whole thing about in working with other people, other people’s money, and pooling those resources that I talked about before.

Then, I realized that I still had this like weight around my ankle which was keeping me from being able to do that. I perceived it as my job during the day. Right? I realized that, even though I had a day job, I could still do what I wanted to do. I stayed really focused, was able to split my time between the day job and working a lot of extra hours in the evening, but, once I got to that point, I was not only able to go out and create more money by investing properly, but also I was able to have a new freedom about the way that I go to my day job because there’s not the same stress that I had going in every single day. More importantly, as a result of now being part of pooling money with other people, I’m actually able to help other people get closer to their dreams. I’m actually able to even get closer to my dream of being able to live between the United States and Europe, which most of you know about that.

But, over the next couple of videos, I’m going to share with you more of my experience, and, one of the things that I mentioned before, it’s not just from going through different syndication courses and events and all that kind of stuff. I’m actually going to share with you because, after I decided I wanted to be able to go through syndications, I also decided: What would it be like to actually be one of my clients?

I’m also going to share with you my experience as a limited partner, and we can talk more about the different types of the people that are involved in syndications, and I would like to tell you what it’s been from my experience as part of a larger, 82-room hotel. I’ve been part of a syndication as a limited partner and also led a syndication. I want to just really share my experience with you, especially for those of you that are outside of the United States. You want to find out more about what real estate syndication is because it’s something that, outside of the United States, we really don’t know a lot about.

What I would like to understand from you and my question of the day is: So far, what do you think about syndication? Do you have any experience either investing yourself or through syndication? If you want to go ahead and leave that in the box below, it would be great. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Also, we’re going to continue in the next video, in the next series, to talk to you a little bit more about exactly why somebody may want to get involved in a real estate syndication.

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