Ever sit across the table from a really wealthy CEO?

That’s what I do in my day job… and it’s always a learning experience.

It’s amazing just how fast these people make yes and no decisions. They don’t think about things much. You can see their minds moving at lightning speed. They’ve had years and years of experience in their businesses, which makes it a lot easier for them to make fast decisions.


I started thinking about my meetings with CEOs recently and very quickly decided to create this video ; )

Give it your attention for a few minutes.

CEOs aren’t Jacks of all trades and neither should you!

What I have learned from working with these high-level Fortune 500 company heads is more than how quickly they come to a decision.

It’s how they hone in on their role in the company.

They don’t even try to know everything about their company. They don’t need to. There are people for that. After all, they gave the stamp of approval for hiring these helpers (a.k.a., staff). If they didn’t approve them, they certainly gave the HR Director the authority to approve new hires.

My point is that these CEOs don’t wear all the hats, they don’t make ALL the decisions, they delegate to other competent people many of the tasks and they stick to their forte in business. They concern themselves with building relationships, making the big decisions and growing their companies.

Build a team of helpers and delegate tasks.


While you may not be a Fortune 500 CEO, you need to take on a few of their character traits. Let their actions be a role model for how you run your business. Do these three things:

  1. Stop trying to wear all of the hats and doing all the tasks in your business. That will just burn you out. Build a team of helpers and delegate tasks. Just as the top-level CEO does, figure out what the highest and best use of your time is and spend it doing those things. Leave the stamping of envelopes and handling administrative tasks to an office assistant, and leave the bookkeeping chores to a bookkeeper. Leave the tax prep to your tax guy; leave the legal matters to your attorney. If you don’t have all these people YET, that’s okay. Start with the assistant and/or bookkeeper.
  2. Make decisions quickly. Otherwise, you are just burning brain cells as you let the pros and cons loop endlessly in your head, which can cause you not to make a decision or take action at all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people freeze up and never take action because they are too busy overthinking. They make excuses and are in the same place they were a year ago; the same place they’ll be a year from now. Yes, making decisions can be risky, but so what? In real estate investing, you have to manage a bit of risk!!
  3. Take action! These top-level CEOs didn’t get where they are today by ruminating on the “what ifs” and possible problems they may encounter in a deal. They forge ahead. Whether they have fears or not doesn’t matter. Fear certainly doesn’t stop them from being relentless about their success.

I’ve seen people freeze up and never take action because they are too busy overthinking.


What should you do next?

As you move forward in your entrepreneurial life, why not act like a multi-billion-dollar CEO?

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