You’ve been seeing a number of articles about retirement topics from me lately.

There is a reason…

I have watched people enter retirement and not be prepared financially. It is heartbreaking. Further, I have been speaking to a woman I work with about something going on with a loved one in her life. Simply, it is about how her mother-in-law has outlived her money.

You may be amazed to learn that this woman is just 80 years old, is now in a reverse mortgage and struggling to keep the bills paid… because she hadn’t prepared adequately. Instead, she trusted her financial advisor (who gets paid whether the investment vehicles he chose to put her retirement savings into perform or not). The guy is a nice man and all, but he made some poor choices. His client lost money as many do in her situation. (That’s why you should strongly consider, if you have the option, to moving your money into a SELF-DIRECTED IRA.)

This wonderful 80-year-old lady also passed opportunities to invest in real estate using her retirement funds over the past 20 years. In my opinion, that was a big missed opportunity and it’s something she is paying for now.

The one good thing that her financial advisor had her do was to put money into a REIT (real estate investment trust). That was the ONLY thing she had in her now-defunct portfolio that actually did perform. But she didn’t need a financial advisor to get better results. My friend tried to educate her by sharing what she know, giving her access to new alternatives and even introduced her to new people but the elder woman was very set in her ways. (In all sincerity, she told my friend that she probably wouldn’t live that long.)

Cutting to the chase, this woman didn’t listen.

She took a traditional path that can land people like her in hot water at the time where a passive income is absolutely critical. Sadly, had she only lived to age 76, she would have been fine. But that’s the deal… you may like many people live into your 90s and beyond. Then what?!

This woman also worked really, really hard for 40 years only to retire… sort of. She ended up taking side jobs to make ends meet – which she is now unable to do because of illness – she used her retirement savings to live on and pay mortgage, and she then felt forced to take out a reverse mortgage, which means she will leave a fat debt to her grandchildren instead of any assets. Her other assets, such as her personal belongings, jewelry, Lladró collection and high-end clothing will be sold to cover some of the final expenses and to possibly go toward satisfying the reverse mortgage if the grandkids are to receive anything.

Yes, it’s a sad tale, and this could have been avoided.

This is just one of the many stories I encounter on a weekly basis that prompts me to write about different topics in real estate investing and why I participate… and to open my readers’ eyes on the importance of participating.

The retirement pieces you have been reading show you one thing very clearly… If you don’t want to actively participate as an investor in cashflowing properties, it’s okay. You have the option to passively invest with people who do. And the absolutely wonderful part is that you get returns either way. Passively, if you use your retirement account (and there are a number of them that allow such investments) the interest earned and profits earned go right back to that account.
If you have an underperforming savings account at literally any bank (because let’s be real… how much interest are you earning annually from your savings account?!) you can use that money immediately to either actively purchase or passively invest with someone who purchases properties.

If you have a bunch of money in your checking account, you can be a “checkbook investor” using your own money to actively invest in properties, which means you are putting the money down and doing all the work… or you can be a private lender or depending on the opportunity could take an equity position in a property (or properties) under an operating agreement with the active investor. Talk about a win-win!!

That’s how I work with my passive investors and they happy about earning MUCH MORE than what they would in their savings account at the bank.
Truth is that I can work with private lenders and equity partners in a number of ways. We work together to make the deal work for both sides.

See? This is the reason I get so excited about what I’m doing as a long-distance investor who lives and works in Barcelona while investing in top cashflowing properties in the United States. I’ve done my homework and I’ve chosen only the areas that produce in a big way. Rents are stable; my tenants are stable; these are hard-working people who are living the American Dream; I don’t have issues… and that’s because I didn’t just randomly choose areas in which to invest.

If it doesn’t make sense for my investors and me, it’s a no-go right off the bat.

At the time of this writing, I’m closing on a really cool opportunity that came across my desk. My investor backers (some of whom are using their retirement accounts and some being checkbook investors who are all already earning returns even before the deal is done, because that’s the deal) are thrilled.

Transparently, it’s a mobile home park. A really, really nice, upscale park with lots of room for growth. It is something new for me and that excites me to no end!!

Plus, I’m working with a good friend who is showing me new ways to add even more income from this property. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.

But here’s the deal…

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