Building a business?

Moving into an entrepreneurial life?

Thinking about participating in real estate transactions?

If so, just like me, you’re likely going to be working a day job while building a business at night and on the weekends. Excellent!! Keep going.

But here’s a question…

How long can you continue wearing ALL the hats and doing ALL the tasks involved in creating this new thing and then grow it? At some point you’re going to have to delegate.

That’s what this short video is about:


How do you find people who are as good at what you do as you are?

Truth is that you may not find people who run all aspects of your business as you do, but you can’t keep doing everything on your own. You will burn out.

It’s understandable that it may be difficult for you to hand a number of the tasks and roles that are on your plate to others to handle. But that’s what absolutely has to happen.

You need to focus on the things that are the highest and best use of your time.

So, let’s look at that…

In my case, I wanted to be the person to find the properties, to walk them, to handle all the paperwork, to market them and get tenants into the units, to vet the tenants so I could assure the best ones would take up residence in my units, to find the investors who would back future deals and also try to put together my website and grow my social media base all at the same time. Talk about crazy-making…



Admittedly, I wore a lot of hats IN THE BEGINNING, but by the third property, I knew there was no way I could keep going. Actually, it was after the first one, because that’s when I realized I desperately needed to get a great property manager in place and build a team of competent individuals who could take on different roles and tasks.

Boy, was I right, and boy… am I happy that I have a team now.

All I can tell you is that you MUST learn how to delegate and be comfortable with it!!

That’s how you will grow, scale and positively affect other people’s lives. That’s the lives of your tenants, your team, your associates and your investors.

As soon as you let go of the control and start letting others take some of the tasks off your plate everything else in your business and life will fall into place. You’ll experience less stress.

And, yes, that means even if the people to whom you delegate don’t do things exactly the same way you do them. A good manager lets his/her team get jobs done their way… as long as that is effective, then it works out for everyone.


The surest way to lose members from your team is to be the overlord, the guy who has to have all the control, the guy who doesn’t let his team do what they are good at in their own way. (If you don’t believe me, think about your worst boss ever in your 9-to-5 world. Was he/she a control freak or micro-manager?)

Yeah, did I mention I also work a corporate job? I can assure you that I understand all types of personalities and which ones are more effective than others in leadership roles!

But that’s my world…

If you want to talk to me about what’s happening in your world and the steps it will take to move you in another direction, or maybe you’re a solopreneur who wants to know how to grow your team, let’s talk.

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