Take a look at this funny email I received recently:

If you don’t speak Spanish, that’s okay. Let me translate for you.

This silly note from a bank here in Barcelona that I am now earning a whopping 0.05% interest on my money.  Seriously?! This is hilarious… but also really sad.

It’s funny because at that rate of return, how much money would I have to put in an account to earn much of anything? The short answer is A LOT.

It is very sad, however, because plenty of people here think this is a great idea and they do indeed put their money in the bank to earn close to zero!! I used to be one of them.

That’s absolutely nuts.  – Tweet  

When I first started writing articles here at KeePon Cashflow, I published one asking if it’s better to put your money in a shoe box or invest it in real estate.

Putting your money in a bank account that gives you such incredibly LOW returns is pretty much the same thing as tossing it into a shoe box under your bed. The only difference is that you may earn a very small amount of cash after a long time, but is it worth it? Not really.

Think about it…

If you have a whole lot of funds to put into such an account and you keep it there for a few years so it will grow a little, by the time you go to get it out the cost of living has exploded and your money is actually worth less. (Or is it worthless?)

For a better idea of what I’m talking about, watch this short video:


Put your money in a savings account and keep losing…

As I point out in my video above,  when you put money into your savings account you are actually LOSING money year after year  – Tweet  .  If you are using this as an “investment strategy,” you are going to lose out big time. That’s a guarantee the banks don’t want to share with you.

Saving money is NOT an investment strategy!!

Neither is putting all your money into the stock market.

While you MIGHT get good returns over the short-term, you could lose it all… especially in our volatile markets today where the activity and success of the stock market is dependent on what’s happening in politics and the world today.

If you know what’s going on in Barcelona right now, you would understand why the political thing is top of mind for me. There is no way I’d invest in Spain or even in Europe right now. Maybe never.

I have carved a niche for my investment strategy, wherein I invest in properties in the United States. Specifically I invest in properties located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Believe me, I’ve done a great deal of research and for me this is the BEST market!! For you, maybe it’s another market, but you don’t know what you don’t know YET. You’ll do your research and figure out what’s right for you.

If you need help, I’m a phone call away. Here’s my calendar link:



It’s time to start thinking in new ways…

Hey, I used to be that guy who diligently worked 60+ hours a week.

Truth be told, I still am and yet I find time to do this thing called real estate investing.

I was also the guy who diligently stuffed money into my savings account thinking I had a rock solid “investment strategy.” That mindset makes me smile now, because today I know just how wrong I was.

A few years ago I started thinking differently because I started following mentors whose words made a whole lot of sense. I took a few courses and I kept learning. I continue to learn through doing real estate transactions and working with investors who back my deals today.

But honestly… I took action even before I learned everything I needed to learn about real estate investing. That’s right. If you’ve read my story you know what I mean.

I took down my first property long before I really knew what I was doing. I’m sharing this bit of information with you because I don’t want you to get stuck in a constant state of learning, reading books and taking courses before you think you can do deals.

There is no better learning experience than actually doing.  – Tweet   That goes for all things in life.

Sure, you really shouldn’t perform surgery or try to defend someone in court without having a deep education in these areas first, but  real estate investing isn’t brain surgery  – Tweet  . It doesn’t require a deep understanding of the law either. However, it doesn’t hurt you to know the laws of the land where you want to invest. And it pays to do your due diligence in all areas. That includes researching the people you choose to work with.

You don’t have to be an active investor; you can remain a passive investor who backs deals of active investors. Or you can be totally hands-on in your deals. That part is up to you.

So… have you EVER considered getting involved in real estate investing?

If not, why not?

It is literally the #1 thing every wealthy person I’ve ever met and a great many I’ve never met in the world have in common.

And it’s not a “wealthy person’s” sport.

Real estate investing is for everyone. 

If you don’t believe me, look around today as you are driving or walking you dog. As you head to the office where you are trading your time for money. As you walk through the grocery store or pick your kids up from daycare.

Real estate investing is embedded into everything we do. Every area of life. Even homeless individuals who visit a soup kitchen are a part of the investing life. (Someone owns the soup kitchen, right? Someone benefits from having that soup kitchen and it’s not just the people dining there.)

Not to shock you, but think about this… From the cradle to the grave, we use real estate.

Most of us are born in a hospital, which is a piece of real estate run for profit. We leave in the arms of our mothers who take us to a home that is either owned by our parents or to one that they are paying the owner rent in exchange for the right to live there.

We grow up and attend various schools, most of which are for-profit entities in one way or another. (Yes, even public schools.) We eventually take a job, which means we head to an office each day. Look around.  The building you work in right now is owned by a landlord  – Tweet   who rents it out to the company for which you work.

Ah, but it doesn’t stop there.

When we go out with the family and friends, guess where we dine and guess where we entertain ourselves! That’s right. In a restaurant that is owned by someone who pays rent to a landlord in exchange for the right to use the premises as a restaurant adored by so many patrons. Movie theatres are owned and rented; coffee houses, too. Shopping centers and grocery stores? Yes and yes.

Plus, when we get to retirement and beyond, and all the way to the end of our lives, we are using someone else’s real estate and paying other people for the right to use those properties. Or did you think the funeral home, etc., were charitable organizations?

So why not own some of these properties yourself or participate in deals where you have some skin in the game and pretty darned good returns, too? I promise that the returns will be far better than you’ll ever receive by stuffing your money into a savings account.

Look, I’m aware that this article is a little “in your face,” but it’s time I stop painting by the numbers. I want to see your money actually earn great returns and not make you a loser. In my mind, the best way to achieve this goal is to invest in real estate.

As always, I’d love to discuss this topic and any topic in real estate investing personally with you. All you have to do is reach out to me. I’ll be here!

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