It’s funny…

People at my day job are always curious about how I keep doing the corporate warrior thing and also invest in real estate.

When they learn that I work and live in Barcelona while investing in properties in the United States, they tell me they are amazed. But it’s true. I don’t want to invest where I live. It doesn’t work well for my situations nor does it work for many investors here in Spain that have to use their own money to make money (i.e. – they didn’t inherit their properties). The rules of engagement are not in alignment with turning a profit.

So why would I do it?

Last year I did a livestream on the topic and, boy, did I get some push-back! Here’s the link to that if you want to watch it and read the comments:


Let’s just say I got my followers stirred up, but I stand my ground. No investing in Spain or Europe for me, thank you!

So, why keep the day job?

What makes most sense for me is to keep working my day job here in Barcelona while studying the U.S. housing markets and choosing properties on U.S. soil. I have a team there and a team here in Spain to help me do it. A lot of time goes into choosing the right market and property.

So far, so good!

At this point you might be wondering why I haven’t quit my day job to just do real estate investing full time. Truth is that I really enjoy what I do in my job. I won’t be walking away from all my job gives me any time soon. I’d rather work days at the job and use the evenings to research properties and negotiate deals.

This schedule works well, because when it’s late night in Barcelona, it’s morning or early afternoon in the U.S. where my team members live and where I enjoy investing.

But it wasn’t always this way.

If you’ve downloaded my eBook, you know my story already. If you haven’t, why not grab it now:
It costs you nothing and it might help you figure a few things out… like if you want to actively do real estate investing like I do, or if you prefer to passively invest with active investors like me. That way, you don’t lift a hammer or worry about any of the process. You can just receive a check in the form of an interest payment. (At the end of an agreed term you get every cent of your initial investment money back, too, which is why passive investors back deals of people like me.)

I wrote an article about passive investing not too long ago. If you missed it, here’s the link:


What does passive income Really Mean?

Truth is, I’ve written a few articles about passive and active investing, as well as showing you ways to come up with the money you need to pay for those properties. Here’s an article you might enjoy on that topic:


3 Great Ways to Pay for Your Multifamily Properties

I’ve tried my best to educate readers on the process and what it takes to be a real estate investor and entrepreneur. It’s been a fascinating journey.

I’ve helped a few people through my online courses… none of which ever break the bank. In fact, many of the courses have been free. My desire is to educate those who have ears to hear and a heart to seek a new path. Or an additional path to financial freedom that can go hand in hand with one’s day job.

It has certainly worked for me and my family.

Both my work and my efforts in real estate have opened my life! I get a lot of paid vacations and holidays through my work. I use those to visit my properties in the states, create new online video courses, create content to help you understand that you can do what I do or that you can work with me and accomplish your goals toward greater financial freedom, and to research new multifamily rental properties I want to purchase.

I get to spend a lot of time with my beautiful wife and two sons. There’s no amount of money that someone could pay me to walk away from that. My time with my family means everything to me. That’s just another reason to participate in real estate investing!

If you want to learn how to keep your day job (or leave it in the next couple of years because you’ll be earning more as an investor than you do in your current job) and participate in deals, you need to understand FOUR CRITICAL THINGS.

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