So this week it’s really a quick easy question for you that’s going to need your input. So as most of you know, I am an investor who lives in Europe. I specifically live in Spain, and I have chosen to live in Spain because I love it. At the same time, I’ve decided that it makes the most sense for me and my family and our goals to invest in cashflowing real estate in the United States. And so my question to you this week is really, really simple. Help me understand why you would not invest in cashflowing real estate in another country. For example, I live in Spain and I choose to invest in the United States real estate. But imagine if you live in Australia and you have the opportunity to invest in cashflowing real estate in Mexico, why would you not do that? Or imagine that you live in Chile and you have the opportunity to invest in South African real estate. Why would you not do that?

It’s just to help me understand because I’ve been working with a number of people. I’ve gone through a lot of that myself and I have my own reasons that I didn’t want to do it initially. And then I ended up doing it. And I’m really interested in understanding what are some of the reasons that you would not invest in real estate in a different country or long distance? Somewhere that’s not in your own backyard.

So go ahead, leave your comments in the section below. Reply to the email, and really looking forward to hearing your responses. Once again, this is a place for you to be able to come to talk about being able to make more money, to be able to have more control over your free time, as well as live with less stress.

This is Billy Keels. This is my two cents for today. And as always, Hasta la Próxima!

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